Friday, November 30, 2007

11th dozen Comfort Dolls going to Mid-Valley Women's Crisis in OR

I am happy to announce that our 11th dozen Comfort Dolls will be received by the Mid-Valley Women's Crisis center in Salem Oregon. These will be mailed tomorrow. I am happy to be able to find them a home during the Holidays when things can seem really hopeless for those going through transition. Hopefully these inspiring "hugs" will warm their hearts and encourage them that the new yea can be much brighter for them. This group was created by Ati Ham Sas of Norway,Christine of France(2),Freda of Illinois,Pat Winter of Indiana,and Terri Takacs(7) of Connecticut.I want to thank all of the donors again for your contributions.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a powerful post from Nathalie L of France

The two new comfort dolls from Christine of France learned of the Comfort Doll Project from a post on Nathalie's blog. I was browsing blogs and scrolled down on Nathalie's blog to find this post which made me cry,yet made me see how black and white abuse is. Be prepared for the truth. Scroll to the bottom and view several videos from You tube if you want to see reality for some women like the ones we give a token of love to through the comfort dolls.

It gives me more reason to spread the word about the Comfort Doll project, to make others more aware of the problem of abuse and to show the recipients of our dolls, who are fortunate to make the step to get to a shelter and change their lives and say, "I've had enough, I want to live".

Thank you Nathalie for this rude awakening this morning. I wish I could hide a magical key to a new life inside every doll I ship out. I can only keep positive thoughts in knowing women who receive our dolls knows there is something out there greater for her and she knows women support her decision to go forward and find it.

My heart aches for those who can't find the strength or supporting advice to get out. I wish there were commercials for abusive situations like there are commercials for car sales. Maybe then this would allow others to know this happens in every neighborhood,behind polished golden doors and broken wooden screen doors alike. Most domestic abuse takes place without neighbors or even family knowing about it in fear of the victims life. Fear from a coward who can only control by force,not intellect.

With Thanksgiving just passing, I can say I am so very thankful for having such women spend their time thinking of those who need our support and encouragement. The dolls may be silly to some,not worth the time to others,but to the maker and recipient,and to me, it means so very much more. Thank you all and may you continued to be blessed.

Comfort Dolls from Christine of France

Christine from France created these two truly unique Comfort Dolls. Her son named the blue one,"Polynesian doll", and the other,"Japanese doll", which I think he is right on! The Polynesian doll has unbelievable beading that resembles dripping lace and she has full,flowing hair bejeweled with gold and purple beads. The Japanese doll has an adorable outfit which is tucked in back and her hair is so cute. You did an amazing job Christine. Click on the pictures to see larger image. They are very delicate and detailed. Thank you so much for your Comfort Doll contribution.

Christine's beautiful cross stitched greeting card will be framed. What a sweet picture of mother swan with babies swimming in a pond with iris and cat tails. The card around the insert has a dragonfly too!!!! I love it. Thank you.

Christine: if you read this, could you send me your last name and a blog or web site if you have one? Thanks.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another comfort doll from Ati Ham Sas

Another sweet comfort from Ati of Norway. She arrived at a time of hustle and bustle,but when I opened to expose this delight,I took a moment to calm down and enjoy this beautiful peaceful looking creation. Oh what a pleasure she will bring to her new owner. Thank you Ati. Another sweet doll .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Letter from DAWN for Comfort Doll delivery

This letter from DAWN arrived yesterday. They loved the dolls. Thank you all for making this possible As soon as I get a shelter lined up, the 11th dozen dolls will be sent. I may work on dolls and try to collect the 12th dozen to be sent before Christmas. That would be a nice goal to set. One dozen shelter's enjoying our Comfort Dolls in 2007!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Bears from Terri Takacs...oh my!!!!

Who can say this five times fast?
Terri Takacs' Ten TerrificTeddies".

Terri Takacs made ten of these soft,adorable bears for the Comfort Doll Project. They are so sweet. These will go out before Christmas,and what great timing to receive a gift of love. Thank you Terri for these special gifts to share. They are just perfect and so cuddly looking. You are a sweetie!

Sorry it took so long to post, blogger wouldn't let me in this blog????????

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comfort doll news update!!!!

I wanted to catch all of you up on what's been happening in the Comfort Doll Project world......

Jo has received more beautiful dolls for the Comfort Doll project in NZ. You must take a peek.

Last night I updated the Comfort Doll page on my website. Please email me with any corrections.

I mailed out the "charm to thank you" yesterday but still need these addresses which can be emailed to me at I have bits of some of the address,but want to make sure they arrive to you.
1.Eliane of France
2.Fanchon Mandras of France
3.Sammy Stafney or Oregon
4. Linda Barraclough...I think I am missing some of your address.

I could only find 50 of these charms, so I thought it was a great way to acknowledge the first 50 donors. Imagine that, 50 donors, and many have contributed several dolls. Mind blowing!!!!!

I also have received many emails apologizing for not contributing more often. I want each of you to know that it is wonderful to receive just one from you,and if you do want to contribute more,please know there is no deadline. If you feel the creative doll muse,then go for it but please never feel pushed to send dolls. I collect them as they come and off they go when I reach 12. No hurry,no worry. Ok? I appreciate, and know the recipients appreciate the thought behind your efforts. Thank you all so much.

If you don't see your name on the sidebar of this blog, please let me know. It is an oversight and I want everyone listed,with or without a blog. Also, if you have a website or blog that isn't shown, please email it to me. I love to advertise when I can . This helps so many who may not stumble across your site. It just helps our creative blogging community grow!

Have a creative and sunny day!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday morning tasks....

I am spending this Sunday morning printing the thank you notes for the first 50 women who have participated in the Comfort Doll Project.

I was a bit upset to discover my Print Shop program is not working and keeps freezing. I can't create the cards I wanted, but in WORD, I at least got to say what I wanted. Sorry about that.

I was so excited to find the perfect silver charm to show my appreciation a few weeks ago. I hope to find something just as unique for the next 50 donors.

I know it is unnecessary to send something and you know how I feel about each of you, but I just wanted to let you know how special you are and how your donations have really brought comfort to the recipients of domestic abuse. It is just a tiny token from my heart. I am waiting for 8 address confirmations,but all will be mailed on Tuesday because I don't think the post office is open tomorrow. I will be transporting them in my new and beautiful tote made by my dear friend Terri.
By the way, if you want a feminine tote like mine, she still has a few in her Etsy shop,and I must say they are very,very reasonably priced. I hope I didn't embarrass you Terri, but I love my tote and want other's to have a chance to own one too.

Again, I thank you for all of the wonderful dolls that have been sent to shelter's. You make hearts sing!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

10th dozen to Bethany House in Somerset,Kentucky

I was waiting to finish embellishing dolls to include in the 10th dozen but I have decided since we are already there,to go ahead and send them off. This will give me time to make several for the future donations.
Here we have the 10th dozen Comfort Dolls. The 9th dozen was collected and distributed in New Zealand with the help of Jo Newsham. Thanks again Jo!!!!!
The donors of these dolls are:
Fanchon Mandras (France)
Pam Kellogg (Illinois USA) 2
Freda Butler (Illinois USA) 2
Linda Baudreau (Canada) 2
Eliane (France)
Sylvie Leandre (France)
Linda Barraclough (Vic Australia)
Mesuline (England)
Carol Anne Conway (England)

These will be mailed tomorrow to Bethany House Abuse Shelter in Somerset,KY.
Thank you all for the continued support,comments, and donations to the Comfort Doll Project. You are responsible for many smiles.

Comfort Doll from Carol A Conway of England

This beautiful embroidered comfort doll made it's way from England. Carol Anne Conway hand embroidered this exquisite doll using fine silk and metallic threads. The vine with floral pattern is so pretty. Thank you very much Carol for donating this beauty.