Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's Doll arrivals from Sher Miller of TN

These lovely Comfort Dolls arrived from Sher Miller of TN.Each of them have an inspirational message and such sweet faces. Thank you Sher for you beautiful Comfort Doll contributions. I know they will be well received.

More Comfort Doll Cats purrrrrring in from Pam

Pam Kellogg of IL just donated another 4 Comfort Doll Crazy Quilted cats which are quite beautiful. Thank you again Pam for your continued support of the Comfort Doll Project. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

17th Dozen going to West Virginia

The 17th dozen Comfort Dolls are heading to The Women's Resource Center in Glen White,West Virginia. This shipment is sponsored by Terri Takacs,thank you :-)

The contributors of these dolls are: Sylvie Leandre of France,Wendy Shu of Singapore, Rolonda Patterson of TX, Pam Kellogg of IL,Adria of IL, Bennie Harman of FL, Charleen Pawlik of WY.
Thank you so much for your beautiful dolls and the comfort they will bring to their recipients. in West Virginia. Hugs to all!

16th Dozen going to Mississippi

The 16th dozen Comfort Dolls will be mailed tomorrow to Angel Wings Outreach Center in Mendenhall Mississippi. This shipment is sponsored by Terri Takacs, we thank you Terri!

The donors of the 16th dozen are:Jan Bartlet of NV,Francesca Jones of North Wales UK,Wendy Shu of Singapore,Adria of IL,Pam Kellogg of IL,Charleen Pawlik of WY, Laura Campanelli of FL,Rolonda Patterson of TX, Sylvie of France, Bennie Harman of FL. Thank you all for your beautiful and enchanting Comfort Dolls.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Several dolls have been arriving and I am finally getting them uploaded. The black and white Dotee Doll is from Francesca Jones of North Wales UK. Her little cheerful Comfort Doll is springing to life with flower accents and a little purple bird in her hair.Thank you Francesca.

This group of seven assorted dolls arrived from Charleen Pawlik of WY.They include a beautiful lace icicle doll with a lovely stamped face and pearl beads,a stunning beaded doll in blue and white(amazing),and five sweet little Dotee dolls with adorable faces sure to melt a heart. Thank you Charleen for this bounty of Comfort Dolls. If you have a blog or site, I would be happy to link to it.

The purple free form doll is from Jan Bartlett of NV. She is made of soft purple velveteen with stars and moons and a beautiful goddess charm to allow the recipient to dream big and reach for the stars. Thank you Jan for your wonderful Comfort Doll contribution.

Each of you are making women smile and hopefully allowing them to dare to dream again.

Three letters from 12th,13th,14th dz

These thank you letters arrived last month and when I was trying to add them Blogger wouldn't cooperate, so here they are from our 12th,13th, and14th dozen Comfort Dolls.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dolls flew in from Singapore yesterday from Wendy Shu

Wendy Shu has been a sweet and inspiring friend of mine for quite a while. He tatting and beading never fail to impress and amaze me. However, her tiny bead work on her Comfort Dolls are always a treat for me to see in hand. Yesterday I received 6 new dolls which I believe they call "Icicle dolls"? Wendy attached an inspiring message to each doll using pretty frosted words,and she wrapped each doll carefully in beautiful fiber paper and tied with a ribbon which I took care in returning them as they were after I photographed them. I wish you could see the detail of the crystals embedded on the dolls and beading detail. Thank you Wendy. You will warm 6 women's hearts very soon, including mine..:-)

Doll from Laura Campanelli

This cheerful Comfort Doll was donated by Laura Campanelli. The colorful sheer fabric tutu will certainly bring a smile along with the hand painted face and the heart warming card Laura attached. Thank you Laura for your Comfort Doll donation.