Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have no idea how I missed uploading these two beautiful dolls from Sammy Stafney. I must have put them aside to add when I was updating, but for some reason I could have sworn I blogged them. Anyway, I want to add them and say a big" Sorry" to Sammy. Forgive me???

22nd dozen dolls sent to Maine

New Hope for Women will receive our 22nd dozen comfort dolls.
The donors are:Teri Dusenbury,Pam Kellogg,Bennie Harman, Adria (Pam's mom),Sherry Wade,Noel Poupard,Anne Bernstein,Becky Bunn,Sherry Klemmt.
Thank you all for creating and donating these beautiful dolls to the Comfort Doll Project.

21st dozen Comfort Dolls sent to Pennsylvania

Women in Need located in Pennsylvania will receive our 21st dozen comfort dolls.
The donors are: Bennie Harman,Teri Dusenbury,Adria(Pam's mom),Charlene Pawlik,Noel Poupard,Melanie Willows,Sherry Wade,Becky Bunn and Sammy Stafney.

Thank you very much for your wonderful Comfort Doll donations. Each is much appreciated.

20th dozen to Alabama

Daybreak shelter in Jasper Alabama will receive our 20th dozen comfort dolls.
The donors are:Sherry Klemmt,Noel Poupard,Pam Kellogg,Adria (Pam's mom),Bennie Harman,Teri Dusenbusy,Sher Miller,Jan Bartlett,Becky,Anne Bernstein,Sherry Wade.

Thank you so much for contributing to the comfort doll project. The director is very excited to recieve these dolls.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Teri Dusenbury's Art cats

Yesterday I received these amazing cats from Teri Dusenbury,aka Tatbit! Teri is from WA and she made these pieces of ART by designing,painting and embellishing.

Yes, they are painted! The catfish are too funny and sure to bring many wide smiles to their recipients. The two cats ready for hugs have special messages as you can see, along with fou fou ti da! How cute is that?
Thank you so much Teri for your wonderful Art Cats. They are very unique and cheerful creations!

Crazy Cats from Pam Kellogg...Purrrrrfect!

Pam Kellogg, our crazy quilt comfort cat maker has contributed more purrrrfect kitties to the Comfort Doll Project. These beauties arrive with a special pansy hand made card which I will display in my studio.Thanks so much Pam. You are the QUEEN of CQ Cats!

More sweet Teddies from Bennie Harman

Bennie, from Florida is the creator of these adorable teddies. This cheerful bunch arrived and spread sunshine immediately. Thank you very much Bennie. I know they will be well received.

New doll arrivals from Sherry Klemmt

Sherry Klemmt of WA made these beautiful crazy quilt comfort dolls.The faces are embroidered and both have many embellished seams. Thank you for your time, talent and generosity Sherry. Sorry I have taken so long to post them. They are beautiful with so much detail.

More letters to share

Sorry I have been running late with posts, but now I am here and have lots to share. Letters of thanks have been arriving as well as a load of new beauties. So, let's get started shall we?
First, the letters.
Bethany house of Kentucky received our 10th dz.

Women's Resource of West Virginia received our 17th dozen:I love how she distributed the dolls.

New Day Shelter of Wisconsin received our 19th dozen:I know every donor feels the love when they read each letter. I hope you know how much I appreciate your continued support. Think of the women we have touched in only a few months. July will mark our first year anniversary. To date, I have three dozen to send off this week. That takes us to 22 dozen comfort dolls. WOW! Imagine almost 300 women smiling and being comforted by your hearts and hands. Amazing! Blessings to all.