Thursday, September 27, 2007

On a roll! Moving forward! 8th dozen will go to WA!

I am pleased and very excited to inform you that our 8th dozen of Comfort Dolls will be traveling to Washington. DAWN ,"Domestic Abuse Women's Network",has kindly accepted them. I am still collecting for this batch, but I am determined to get a few made to include because I have been lacking in my CD duties. I apologize for that.
Allie, they are coming to your state!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

7th Dozen Comfort Dolls going to Waterbury ,Connecticut

WOW! I just got off the phone with Diane who is coordinator of Services for the Safe Haven of greater Waterbury in Connecticut. They will receive the 7th dozen Comfort dolls. Homes have been found,both boxes of dolls will ship tomorrow morning.

Two and a half short months and you have contributed almost 8 dozen beautiful dolls. You should be proud of this accomplishment. That is almost 100 dolls!!!!!!!!

Thank you for making this happen. Hugs to all.

6th Dozen (plus 4)Comfort Dolls going to Shelter in IL

I have made contact with Jody from the Battered Women's Shelter in Evanston,IL who wishes to receive our comfort dolls. They have 16 current residents which all could benefit from our dolls. I cannot turn down 4 extras, and I know you wouldn't want me to, so I am sending off 16 dolls tomorrow. I hope you understand.
I will be making, well, "embellishing" comfort dolls when my bodies arrive from Monica. This helps me out a lot. Hopefully I can make up for the extra dolls sent.

So, these dolls plus the extra 4 other's mde by Adria,Pam Kellogg's generous mom, will go to Evanston,Illinois.

Have to spread the word...doll bodies for sale

Monica Magness from "Girl Gone Thread Wild", is offering 10 cloth doll bodies on ebay for only $20. For those of you who don't have time,or aren't so great at making dolls (like me), these are wonderful to buy and embellish. I am so happy I got in before they were gone. I just had to spread the word to you all.

Thank you Sharon B

I know everyone in the stitching world knows of Sharon Boggins ,aka SharonB, who is famous for her wealth of knowledge on the subject. If it includes a needle and fiber, Sharon can add a twist to it,then teach you in a way you can understand. Her intrepid stitching methods has caught the eye of many. I know I am not alone when I say I am in awe of her work. Such texture and interesting form. I wanted to thank Sharon for helping spread the word of the Comfort Doll Project by posting on her blog.
I haven't had a lot of computer time this month but this morning I did find her wonderful entry informing her readers of the project she posted Aug 16th.
Thank you Sharon, I/We appreciate every mention. I am pleased to announce we are on the 8th dozen in just over two months. Awesome!

Monday, September 24, 2007

We have a "button"

Thanks to Gerry Hookstra we now have a button that you may add to your blog so others can go straight to the Comfort Doll Blog and get all the info they need. Thank you Gerry.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spreading the word~~~~~~~~~

June emailed with a link to her blog where she shared her discovery of the Comfort Doll Project while she was researching info on Greek Mythology while making a doll for a swap. I wanted to share her post with you as I find it very encouraging.You may also view her beautiful Greek Goddess of the sea, Amphitrite. Thank you for helping spread the word June. Now I must browse your blog :-)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Dolls from New Orleans!

These wonderful dolls arrived from New Orleans from Mary Lear along with Mardi Gras beads. I have never owned Mardi Gras beads Mary, thank you :-).
I'm sorry the face didn't show up on the taller doll. She has a sweet expression,and as you can see, a big heart and an embroidered message ready to spread joy to her new mom. Both dolls are crazy pieced and embellished with fancy stitching and beading. Thank you so much Mary. These will be included in the 8th dozen.

Sixth and Seventh dozen awaiting homes

When they arrive, they arrive in groups!!! I am still in the process of finding homes for these two dozen dolls. Unfortunately I didn't get dolls made for these two dozen because of my upcoming show,but I will make up for that after Oct 20th I promise. Not only do we have the 6th and 7th dozen ready to go, we have 9 of the 8th dozen. My head is swirling!!!! You all are just amazing. The personal notes you send to me tell me you are really into this cause,and it is so unfortunate that this cause exists, but I must say, you are making a difference in women's lives. I spoke to a few of the shelter directors, and they are enjoying the smiles and happy tears from the women who receive one. Thank you so much for joining me in this heartwarming project. Love and blessings to each of you.

Letter from Calcasieu Shelter in Louisiana

Today this letter arrived from the Calcasieu Women's Shelter in LA. They received the fifth dozen comfort dolls.

Not only did they appreciate the thought and work within each doll, but the director is also a seamstress and thought the construction of the dolls were of good quality and great detail! Hey Hey!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The third box was from New Mexico

Kathy Vorenberg of New Mexico sent five Comfort Dolls. Each one was wrapped and tied in a bow. I took a chance and photographed them in their nice packages in hopes my flash wouldn't glare. It worked!!! I didn't have to disturb them. Kathy added Fimo faces to each one and beaded around them. She also followed the pattern in the fabrics with beautiful beaded detail. Incredible to see in person. I certainly had my eye full of beauty today. Thank you for the wonderful dolls Kathy. They certainly made me smile!

Mai-Liis,Marja,and Kathy, I thank you all for the delights I enjoyed today. This brings us to 7 dozen dolls. Adria and Pam pretty much took care of the 6th dozen :-). Thank you everyone.
I hope to get this new blog filled with pattern links and more pictures of all your dolls very soon. As soon as I find the new destinations for the 6th and 7th dozen dolls, I will post. Thanks again to all you creative and generous souls.

Second package...............

The next package was from Marja Visser from The Netherlands. Marja created the fabric for this doll using tyvek,organza,and threads. She embellished with beads,glitter and filled it with love. The smiley face will most certainly bring a few smiles don't you think? Thank you Marja for donating this beautiful Comfort Doll. What a cheerful delight she is.

Quite a Comfort Doll Day!!!!

Today the mail brought three packages. The first package contained this beautiful Cat Comfort Doll arrived from Texas today. The creator of this beauty is Mai-Liis Peacock. This doll has "Peace" and "Harmony" charms along with a dragonfly and a little gold key. Such symbolism is sure to bring comfort . Thank you so much Mai-Liis for your Comfort Doll donation. It is greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Newest Comfort full of love!

WOW!!!! Thank goodness Pam gave me a heads up on this box of comfort dolls I received last night. I almost fell over when the contents were revealed. Not 12, but 15 bundles of love from Pam's mom,Adria, plus 3 CQ Pam K Cat originals!!!!! 18 Comfort dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Each one is as gorgeous as the next. So many hours,so many stitches. Adria and Pam, you left me speechless! Thank you doesn't seem enough.

Each soft animal is wrapped in a tiny bead embellished "quiltlet". Adria, you rock!!!
Pam, I don't know how you continue to create such beautiful and detailed creatures so quickly. Your work is amazing and so are you my friend.

Please check out Pam's blog for better photos.