Monday, June 23, 2008

!!!!!!!!********~~~~~25th dozen~~~~~**********!!!!!!!!!!

YOU DID IT!!!!! This will make the 25th dozen Comfort Dolls sent in one year!!!! Actually we have another month, but I was secretly hoping to send the 25th by the first year and we did!

Thank you all for your hours spent creating these treasures. To think of 300 plus women holding your dolls,reading the comforting note attached and feeling the love shared by another woman who cares ,gives me goosebumps it is so awesome.

Thank you,thank you,thank you..............................

The 25th dozen goes to Cornerstone Manor Women and Children's shelter (Buffalo City Mission)in New York.
These dolls were donated by Sammy Stafney,Lisa Rauch, and Pat Winter. Sammy and Lisa, Thanks so much!!!!

Now to catch up on mailing the charms....I am so behind! Sorry to those who haven't received one yet. They will be on their way very soon. :-)

24th dozen dolls going to Ohio

The 24th dozen Comfort Dolls are going to THE SHELTER in Mansfield Ohio. These dolls were donated by Sammy ,Annie Bernstein,and Lisa Rauch.
Thank you ladies for brightening the worlds of twelve women in Ohio. This cheerful group will certainly bring smiles.

Special Comfort dolls shared by Sammy

Sammy made a sacrifice,which I know wasn't easy but her heart led her to it,and that is what it's all about. I know she was torn,but the decision she made to donate some of her beloved dolls others have given to her is a wonderful offering of love. I wanted to share this note from Sammy;
"I loved these dolls and each person who made them, but they will be better loved and
needed if they are not on my walls or in a basket.... That the love that was
sent to me through them now can be given and shared by the woman who have been
battered! "

I think that is a wonderful idea Sammy. Passing on these dolls to bring joy to another cannot be a bad thing. I know the makers of the dolls will agree and be happy their dolls are continuing to spread love,especially to a battered woman.

These beauties will be part of doz #24 and #25 mailed tomorrow to Ohio and New York.
Thank you,and thank you to the other makers of the dolls. (((((hugs))))

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One dozen dolls from Lisa Rauch

Lisa Rauch donated 12 Dottee dolls and slipped one in for me . How sweet,Thank you. I have her keeping company with my other doll treasures.
I didn't want to unwrap these to photograph,but I hope you can see the details on each doll. Lisa did a lot of beading on these. Their eyelashes are so finely stitched. Thank you for your generous donation. Love the fabrics. These will certainly delight and comfort.

Three dolls flew in from The Netherlands....

I received these three dolls from Barbara of The Netherlands . Their names are, The Love Duck, Lovey Louise Redheart, and Pussy Meow. Your sweet dolls are adorable. I love the little pig tails on the girl,and the tiny mouse on the cats tail made me smile.Thank you for your generous donation to the Comfort Doll Project and also for sending your name :-)

New dolls from Annie Bernstein

Update on doll arrivals... These three adorable cross stitch dolls were donated by Annie Bernstein. Clever use of crochet Annie. Thank you so much for your beautiful donations. I enjoy seeing each one.

"Lea", is made from a pattern by Le Petit Monde de Vavi

"Bekka", the Funkette 's pattern is by Ursula Michael.
"Molly Snowbloom" is by Vermillion Stitchery.
Annie certainly has got an imagination for creating beautiful Comfort dolls from cross stitch patterns doesn't she?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Letters from Shelters

Time to update the shelter letters we have received from Dz#19,20,21,and 22. The dolls you have sent really have brightened the lives of many women. We are approaching our one year anniversary soon. I am blown away that we have delivered 23 dozen dolls so far. July 31st will be one year. Awesome accomplishment ladies!!!!! (Group hug)

New Day Shelter who received the 19th dz sent us another card to be sure we were thanked.Daybreak of Alabama received the 20th dz and sent this:Women in Need recieved our 21st dz and this letter arrived:

Women in Need of Pennsylvania ,who received the 21st dz sent this:

New Hope for Women from Maine received the 22nd dz.Here is their letter:

23rd dozen Comfort Dolls headed to Virginia

Thanks to Annie Bernstein's nomination, Doorways, in Arlington Virginia is receiving the 23rd dozen Comfort Dolls. Thank you so much Annie for nominating them. They are happy to be included in our project.
The donors of the 23rd dz are Annie Bernstein of Maryland,Adria of Illinois,Mrs Chatterson of The Netherlands(I need your name ),Lisa Rauch of Oregon,Bennie Harman of Florida, and Pat Winter of Indiana
Thank you all for your generous donations. They will certainly spread joy,bring comfort,and start smiles.