Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharing something special

Today I was informed of a heartwarming event that Patti , Brenda Salzano, and her etsy group ,who are also Comfort Doll Donors took part in. These women are truly committed to bring awareness to this project. You must view the photos and read what they are doing...
Letter from Patti:
I am sure you are familiar with Etsy and wanted you to know that recently our local Etsy Team did a window display downtown Coos Bay. We added a basket of Comfort Dolls made by Brenda Salzano and myself to display in the window with a brief description of what a Comfort Doll is and how anyone can participate. I added your Comfort Doll Banner with a link to the site and mine and Brenda's phone number along with your address to mail the dolls to .
I have attached photos of the display.
God Bless You Patricia. I just wanted you to know your project is being promoted here in our community.
The dolls on display will be coming to you after Christmas

My heart was warmed once again by Comfort Doll angels..thank you all for what you do.

Friday, November 20, 2009

66th dozen to Utah

The Canyon Creek Women's Crisis Center of Utah will receive the 66th dozen Comfort Dolls.
Donors of these dolls are:
Ann Freeman
Lynette Cahill
Patti Koosed
Sherry Wade
Heidi Sprague
Sandra Cruz
Laura Lefavor
Thank you all again for your generous donations. Blessings!

Nancy Collins sent the 65th dozen dolls to Florida

Nancy Collins donated and privately mailed this beautiful dozen dolls to Safespace shelter in Miami Florida.Thank you Nancy! Your dolls are always a treat to see, I can imagine what the recipients think of their treasures? That was so kind of you to ship the dolls. Much appreciated.

Third letter from Iowa shelter

The final letter to share comes from the recipients of the 62nd dozen, Crisis Center & WOmen's Shelter in Iowa:

Again, my heartfelt thank you to each of you for doing such a wonderful, admirable task completely from your heart.


The second is from the 61st dz recipients, The Women's Center in Illinois:
Thank you all for keeping this project alive. I know your hearts are warming as you read your letters just as hearts warmed when being handed one of your heart made dolls.

You've Got Mail!

Mail delivery for Comfort Doll Donors!!!!
The first letter is from the recipients of the 59th and 60th dozen, Alexandria of VA: (Click on to enlarge.)

Dolls from Grace Gilmore of CA

Grace donated these lovely dolls with beading around each pretty face. Thank you very much Grace. They will surely be welcomed with open arms and hearts.

More dolls from Noel Poupard

created and donated these lovely dolls. She beaded around each beautiful face. Thank you for donating more dolls and for sponsoring a shipment. All is appreciated.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Comfort Dolls from Jan Bartlett

Jan Bartlett of Nevada created "Pocket Pals" for her newest donation to the Comfort Doll Project.

They are heart shaped made with cheerful fabrics and each have a little smiling face covered button and tied on one side. Adorable Jan. Thank you again for your continued support. These will arrive to their recipients around Thanksgiving .