Thursday, January 31, 2008

Giving back.....Monica Magness

Monica Magness is one of those gals you "meet" and something about her invites you to share and play. I'm not sure what it is, but she has it. I met her last year online, and enjoy keeping up with this artist.
Earlier I had sent off kits to the gals who replied to a post from my other blog, just for fun. Well, they have done amazing things with their kits. Monica not only made her altered girl kit into a wonderful sachet,but she donated it back to become a Comfort Doll. How thoughtful of you Monica. You are a gem! Please be warned, Monica's energy is contagious!!! While there, check out her PINK PROJECT!!!

Thank you for the owl ciggie and cool ceramic necklace.Love it!

Yes, more dolls arrived...these are from Rolanda Patterson

I am so lucky to get to see and feel each arrival......Rolanda Patterson of Texas donated these magnificent beaded Comfort Dolls.You can view her exquisite beaded doll she entered and was runner up here. I can't help smiling when I look at the green mermaid. She is so sweet with her beaded bodice and sequin and beaded tail. Her fin has the tiniest beads I have ever seen and the beads used for the shisha mirror face are yummy! I would love to know where I could buy them Rolanda. The turquoise bead mix used for hair just sets the whole creation off. The back of the tail was hand painted but wouldn't show up well enough to share. The little blue mermaid is beaded with fibers and her face is a button. These will fit nicely in a pocket for comforting. Thank you very much Rolanda for your donations. If you have a blog or site, I'd be happ to link to it. :-)

Two more dolls From Sylvie of France

Sylvie Le'andre of France sent us two more of her wonderful creations. These two embroidered kitties show they have big hearts and we know their creator does as well. These kitties are hand embroidered front and back with vintage lace as collars. The photo does not show the great detail these offer. Thank you again Sylvie for your great donations to the Comfort Doll Project.

Thank you for the ATC as well, you are so thoughtful.

New Comfort Doll arrivals!!! Bennie Harman

I don't know where to start. Many dolls have arrived and I haven't had a chance to share them until now. These may be out of order, but here they are....
Bennie Harman of Florida made these five adorable teddies for our project.

She learned of the Comfort Doll Project through Pam Kelloggs' Blog. These colorful cuties will certainly be a treasure when received. Thank you so very much Bennie.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOW! 15th dozen sent to Safe Harbor in Greenville S. Carolina

This is our 15th dozen comfort dolls on their way to Safe Harbor shelter in South Carolina. I was contacted on Friday by Becky and wanted to make a few dolls myself to include. Theses will be mailed tomorrow morning. The doll makers included are: Adria of IL, Annie Bernstein of MD, and Pat Winter of IN. Thank you again for your lovely donations.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Comfort Doll Project interview by Linda Walsh

I have a huge smile this morning...I hope all of you do after you read what Linda did.

Linda Walsh recently interviewed me for the Comfort Doll Project. If you ever had any questions about the project, Linda pretty well covered it in the interview. I hope you read it, she has posted it throughout many of her blogs and sites, and she is definitely the queen of blog!!!! She offers a huge amount of information tying the crafting and art community together. Quite a busy lady and such a dear heart to help spread the word about the Comfort Doll Project. A huge hug and smile topped with THANK YOU Linda! Go ahead and enjoy!
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Three Comfort Dolls from Annie Bernstein of MD

Annie Bernstein of Maryland wanted to contribute to the Comfort Doll Project and wasn't sure if her needlework would qualify. Well, you be the judge! Annie made three cross stitch dolls and they are fabulous. What treasures these will be in the hands of their lucky recipients. Annie wished to share the names of the designers of the patterns she used for her dolls.
The designers are : Chinese doll-DMC, Orange doll-Le Petit Monde de Vavi, and the fairy doll is from Pine Glen Designs.

Annie contacted Lorrie Ramsay of Pine Glen designs for permission to share the doll she used Lorrie's pattern for. Lorrie took interest in the project and contacted me to submit a story on the Comfort Doll Project.

You can read the article in her Newsletter, just click on Newsletter and "New". It starts on page one and continues on page four. Thank you Lorrie for helping us spread the word, and to let anyone interested know that they do not have to be a doll maker to contribute.

It is such a pleasure to meet and work with such wonderful people. Thank you all for spreading the word and for all you do.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Continued support..... women spreading the word

Shellie Wilson of has added the Comfort Doll Project to the Charity page. Scroll to the bottom and you will see us there among several other wonderful charity projects.

You may want to bookmark the site for future project ideas, they offer such an assortment of projects for any experience level.

Thank you so much Shellie for helping spread the word and inform other's of the Comfort Doll Project.

Exciting News!!!!

Annie Bernstein emailed asking if she could contribute a cross stitch comfort doll . Annie used a pattern from Pine Glen Designs and loved the idea of Comfort Dolls and wanted to contribute. I told her it would absolutely be accepted and appreciated. She then contacted Lorrie Ramsay of Pine Glen Designs for permission to use her design.

Lorrie also found interest in the project and wanted to write an article which she informed me was available for viewing last night.She included it in her Newsletter . I hope you all go check it out and browse her wonderful site. Thank you Annie and Lorrie for contributing and helping spread the word of the Comfort Doll Project. A wonderful start to the New Year.

Friday, January 4, 2008

14th dozen Comfort Dolls off to Missouri

The Green Hills Womens shelter will receive the 14th dozen comfort dolls in Trenton, Missouri.The donors of these 12 dolls are: Sammy Stafney(3)(OR),Darlene Wilkinson(VA),Adria(3)(IL),Pam Kellogg(IL),Linda Themer(3)(IN),and Rosy of France.

Thank you all so much for your beautiful creations.

Lucky 13th dozen going to Florida

The Shelter for abused women in Naples Florida will receive our lucky 13th dozen!!! These dolls will be mailed tomorrow. The creators of this group are:Linda Themer,(2)(IN)
Pam Kellogg(IL), Pat Winter(IN)Bettsi McComb(CA),Adria(2)(IL),Linda Boudreau(Canada),Terri Takacs(CT),Christina Crawford(CO),Caroline Donval (France)and Gail Pierce(CA)

Thank you all for your beautiful contributions.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Comfort Doll from Rosy of France

Isn't she a cheerful doll? You cannot look at this doll without a smile. She is from Rosy of France. Rosy ,thank you for donating this lovely doll to the Comfort Doll Project. I also wanted to thank you for the pretty fibers and thimble, that was so thoughtful and sweet of you.