Monday, October 20, 2008

32nd dz Comfort Dolls sent to Arkansas

Advocates for Battered Women in Little Rock Arkansas will receive the 32nd dozen Comfort dolls.The donors of these special dolls are: Annie Bernstein of MD,Jan Bartlett of NV, Charleen Pawlik of WY, Cindy Read of NY,Sharon Chapman of WA, and Pat Winter of IN.
Thanks so much for your beautiful donations.

31st dz to NEWS shelter in CA

Napa Emergency Womens Shelter in California has accepted our 31st dozen Comfort Dolls.
The donors for this shipment are: Marja Visser of The Netherlands, Jan Bartlett of CO, Annie Bernstein of MD, Cindy Read of NY, Sharon Chapman of WA, and Charleen Pawlik of WY.
Big hugs and many thanks for your continued support.

30th dz goes to Maryland Family Crisis Center

The Family Crisis Center in Maryland will receive our 30th dozen Comfort Dolls. This shipment is sponsored by Annie Bernstein. Again, thank you for your support Annie.

Donors of 30th dozen dolls are: Jan Bartlett of NV, Cindy Read of NY, Sharon Chapman of WA, Annie Bernstein of MD, and Charleen Pawlik of WY. Thank you all for donating these beautiful dolls and keeping the Comfort Doll Project alive.

29th dozen sent to Iowa

Cedar Valley Friends of the Family (CVFF) in Iowa has accepted our 29th dozen Comfort Dolls. This shipment was sponsored by Annie Bernstein, thank you Annie.

The donors of this shipment are: Christina Crawford, Charleen Pawlik, Linda Boudreau, Becky Bunn, Jan Bartlett, and Anne Sadler.
Thank you ladies for your beautiful doll donations. I know they will bring much comfort to their recipients.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

ONE DOZEN Comfort Dolls from Charleen Pawlik

Charleen Pawlik of WY has sent another box of Comfort Dolls. I had to laugh at the funny sayings on the inner wrapper. Too cute!

This wonderful group includes 12 assorted dolls which Sharon says she enjoys working on while sitting with her DH and watching TV.She says it keeps her awake, LOL. I hear you Sharon! What a lovely way to keep busy, thinking of others while creating. Thank you for this generous delivery. I have inspected each one several times and still find something new.

Four more Comfort Dolls from Sharon Chapman

Sharon Chapman sent four lively Comfort Dolls last week. You can read about their arrival on my other blog here. Ms Daffodil,Ms Bluebonnet,Ms Lavender,and Ms Nellie are all packed again ready for their journey next week. They just love spreading joy to others, and I was very privileged to meet them. Thank you Sharon for yet another group of beauties for the Comfort Doll Project.

Five Comfort Dolls from Cindy Read of New York

Cindy Read joined the Comfort Doll Project and sent these five beautiful Comfort Dolls last week.

Cindy detailed each just beautifully don't you think?

Adding special messages... and pretty accents.
Cindy is a doll maker and fabric artist and when she gets a blog, I will link to it. Cindy,thank you so very much for joining us in spreading love to those who need to know we are here.

Four more Comfort Dolls from Jan Bartlett

Four sweet Comfort Dolls arrived in October from Jan Bartlett. These sweet little ladies are sure to warm hearts.
Jan from NV embellished these cuties with pretty buttons.

They are just fabulous. Thank you Jan for your continued support.It is much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Comfort Doll from Marja Visser of Netherlands

Marja Visser of The Netherlands sent another of her beauties for a lucky and deserving recipient. Marja's doll has a red white and blue theme to represent "Home Sweet Home".
The adorable wooden shoes are a cute addition. Marja beaded around the sweet face and on the heart applique centered on the body which will certainly spread love. Thank you very much Marja. Your continued support is appreciated. I could not comment on your blg for some reason, so please know I appreciate your time and support. Hugs,Pat

Five more comfort dolls from Jan Bartlett od NV

A box filled with five Comfort Dolls arrived from Jan Bartlett . Jan used her favorite fabric,and I must say it is so adorable and perfect for doll making.
Dolls of every kind, even a cupie! Shaped as a goddess figure each doll has a heart banner across her body to show love and comfort to the one who receives it. Thank you Jan for your continued support and for putting a huge smile on my face when studying the doll fabric. I also want to thank you so much for the beautiful bookmark and for sponsoring two shipments of dolls. That was very sweet and generous of you.