Saturday, December 20, 2008

36th dozen dolls sent to Alaska

What a difference a day makes. A couple days ago I was sending out the 33rd,34th,and 35th dozen dolls and on Monday I will ship out dozen #36 thanks to the generous donation of one dozen dolls from Judith McCarthy of AU. Another dozen to be received before Christmas to warm the hearts of many women who could use an extra comfort this time of year.
This group will be sent to the Kodiak Woman's Resource and Crisis Center in Kodiak Alaska on Monday.

Thank you Judith, and all of you donors for supporting this project. I wish I could thank each of you in person. You sure make the world a brighter place. Happy Holidays and blessings to each of you.

One Dozen Comfort Dolls from Judith McCarthy of AU

Yesterday I received 12 beautiful Comfort Dolls from Judith McCarthy of Australia. Judith hand painted each doll face and created such a variety. These are brooches for the recipient to wear close to her heart. Can you imagine a woman pinning on one of these knowing she was being thought of?

There are full dolls.....................
Dragonfly and seahorse dolls................
Heart face dolls Each unique doll is embellished with beading ,charms, and hair. Amazing!
Thank you so much Judith. This dozen has such variety that it will be shipped to a shelter together as I would hate to separate them since they traveled so far from home already,LOL. :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dozen # 35 will be received by Wyoming

Our 35th dozen Comfort Dolls will go to Central Wyoming Rescue Mission. I am excited to send off the last three dozen Comfort Dolls of 2008 to three states for Christmas.

I know you all have worked hard and made time to create your beautiful dolls. Please know they will be warmly received with open arms for Christmas.

The donors of the 35th dozen dolls are~~Patti Koosed of Oregon, Wendy Shu of Singapore, Freda Butler of Il, Jan Bartlett of Nevada, Debra Newton of CA, Beverly Sams of Virginia, and Sherri Pruitt of Florida.

This shipment was sponsored by Jan Bartlett of NV. Thank you for sponsoring several shipments and for donating many special dolls.

Dozen #34 will go to Tennessee

The Avalon Center in TN will receive the 34th dozen Comfort Dolls. The donors of these dolls are~ Sherri Pruitt of Florida, Beverly Sams of Virginia, Nora Goodman of Oregon, Jan Bartlett of Nevada, Debra Newton of CA, Freda Butler of IL, Patti Koosed of Oregon, and Wendy Shu of Singapore.

A special Thank you to Lynn Palazzo for sponsoring this shipment of Comfort Dolls.

A group hug to you all and Happy Holidays!!!! May you be blessed with the joys you deserve.

Dozen # 33 will go to Vermont

The Vermont Network will receive our 33rd dozen of Comfort Dolls. I will send these out tomorrow in hopes they will be ready to give out on Christmas.This shipment was sponsored by Lynn Palazzo of Canada. Thank you Lynn for sponsoring several shipments. The donors of the 33rd dozen are~
Lyn Palazzo of Canada,Wendy Shu of Singapore, Nancy Collins of Florida, Patti Koosed of Oregon, Freda Butler of IL, Jan Bartlett of NV, and Beverly Sams of Virginia.

THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings and Happy Holidays!!!!

Six bright and beautiful dolls from Beverly Sams of VA

Beverly Sams sent 6 bright and beautiful Comfort Dolls this week. Beverly's dolls are made of soft fleece and embellished with embroidered flowers, meaningful words, beads, charms,and delightful hair with each wearing a beaded necklace. Thank you for creating these lovely dolls to comfort women in need of a hug. Warm hug and Blessings to you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Comfort Dolls from Sherri Pruitt

Sherri Pruitt of The Vintage Rabbit in Florida, donated three sweet lavender filled Comfort Dolls. Each doll has an angel pin on them. Sherri learned of the project through the Etsy Cottage Style Team. I enjoyed the label on the box. It made me smile.Thank you Sherri for donating your beautiful dolls. They will be be warmly welcomed by their recipients I am sure.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Arrivals from Jan Bartlett

These Holiday Comfort Dolls arrived from Jan Bartlett. They are just in time to spend the holidays with their new recipients.They are adorable!

Jan, thank you for your continued support, it is appreciated. I also want to thank you for sponsoring some doll shipments, it is much appreciated. The bookmark and postcard you made me will be treasured. Blessings.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Comfort Doll from Nora Goodman of OR

This sweet doll arrived yesterday from Nora Goodman of OR. Her hand painted face is so sweet and she has lovely hair with natural highlights (like many of us). Nora used a pretty satin and metallic fabric for her body and the word JOY around her collar to inspire her new owner.
Thank you very much Nora. Your doll is much appreciated.

Comfort Dolls from Deb Newton

Deb Newton is an Etsy Cottage Style member who joined several other members to contribute to the Comfort Doll Project. These two lovelies arrived last week from Deb of CA.They are delicate little dolls with beading,charms,and floral accents just waiting to brighten someone's day. Thank you Deb and your etsy team. You gals rock!!!!