Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Letter from Buffalo City Mission #18

Another letter arrived yesterday from the recipients from the 18th shipment of Comfort Dolls. I thought I would share it while I had a few moments. Click on letter for larger image.
The handwriting at the bottom reads:" Thanks, the ladies are enjoying them. We hear them throughout the building. God Bless." Doesn't that warm your heart?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two more letters received from shelter recipients

I wanted to share these letters that arrived from our 23rd and24th shelter recipients. As you can see from The Shelter director, they loved the dolls and want more.

27th dozen COmfort Dolls going to Hawaii

The Shelter for Abused Women and Children in Honolulu Hawaii will receive our 27th dozen Comfort Dolls.
The donors are: Sandra Flores Cruz,Jan Bartlett, Christina Crawford, Linda Jaeger, Kerry Leslie, and Maggie Robinson. Thank you again ladies for your contributions to the Comfort Doll Project.

We are soon to reach our first anniversary and have gone much further than I had ever imagined. In no time we will have touched 400 lives. Women that never would have realized there was such warmth, giving, and support out there from someone they will never meet. You have been such angels this past year and I know you will be blessed. Heartfelt hugs and appreciation to each of you.

26th dozen Comfort Dolls headed to Colorado

Our 26th dozen Comfort Dolls will go to the Gateway Battered Women's Shelter in Aurora,Colorado.
The donors are~~~~Maggie Robinson of Canada,Kerry Leslie of Canada,CC Peyton of Hawaii,Linda Jaeger of Washington,Christina Crawford of Colorado, Jan Bartlett of Nevada, and Pat Winter of IN who donated a purchased doll made by Chrissange of France.

Thank you all for your wonderful donations. Blessings and hugs.

Six Comfort Dolls from Maggie Robinson

Maggie Robinson has been very busy stitching and beading. Six beautiful dolls arrived and are ready to spread comfort and smiles.

Maggie added beautiful painted faces to each doll and beaded around them. There are two unique styles, one with wings,and the other with beaded arms and legs that really make you smile.Each has details such as tiny stitching,lace bits, charms, and lots of lovely beading.

Thank you very much Maggie for this lovely group of Comfort Dolls. Rest assured, they will do their job!

Comfort Doll arrives from Venezuela by a thin hair....

Sandra Flores Cruz from Venezuela donated this sweet crocheted mermaid Comfort Doll named Melina. Sandra heard about this project through Annie Bernstein, who has donated several Comfort Dolls herself. Annie,thank you!

My mail lady came all the way back here this afternoon to drop her off. She must have been swimming around the floor???? It is a wonder that she arrived at all, in one piece that is. Sandra had her wrapped in a bubble wrap,sealed in a ziplock,and secured in an envelope, all safe and sound. However someone in customs decided they needed a peek so they ran a razor across the package to open it. When I saw the slash on the back of the envelope, my heart skipped a beat. Then I opened and saw the zip lock was slashed as well as the bubble wrap. I was expecting the worse. I know what it's like to have your work destroyed by customs. Not a pleasant feeling.

Thankfully, the doll was not touched. Whew! An angel must have been watching over her :-). Sandra clearly wrote the contents on her package and she did not fill the doll with any type of herbs such as lavender or anything customs would be curious about. Why they chose this package to sllice open is beyond me.
Anyway, she is unharmed and beautiful Sandra. Thank you very much for this Comfort Doll donation. It is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christina Crawford sent 12 Comfort Dolls

Yesterday as I sat on my porch swing opening my mail, I could not believe my eyes. I am always touched by the support and love that comes with each and every Comfort Doll parcel, and when they come by the dozen, which happens pretty often, I can't help but get emotional. Telling you all "Thank You" just does not seem enough. I hope you can imagine how I feel toward each of you who donate or spread the word about the Comfort Doll Project.

Christina Crawford from Expression Studio sent a large box filled with 12 Comfort Dolls. As I carefully unwrapped each doll, I whispered,"Oh my goodness",as tears flowed. I was glad no one else was home to see me. I couldn't hold back the tears, and I tried.

Each doll is 4" or 5", jointed and dressed in different fabric prints. She sent floral bears and purple bears, a ballerina with a tutu,

ethnic dolls with caps or a purse and each had a special message that reflected the doll's was just unbelievable to see such a variety of dolls in one box. I know a huge amount of thought went in to creating these and attaching messages. Christina, I am speechless. Thank you doesn't seem enough. You are amazing and your dolls are simply unbelievable. I thank you, even if my eyes were red when my husband got home.:-)

Comfort Dolls from CC of HI and her cousin Linda of WA

CC donated another of her special designed Aloha Comfort Dolls . I love the free flowing shape of your dolls CC. Thank you so much for another donation. Also......................
Her cousin, Linda Jaeger of WA joined her by making two beautiful angels. Thank you for joining the Comfort Doll Project Linda. Your dolls will be welcomed and loved by their new owners.

More Comfort Dolls from Jan Bartlett

Jan Bartlett recently moved into a beautiful new home and yet she managed to create these two beautiful Comfort Dolls. I must share the beautiful embroidery on the back of one doll. A large sun with tiny stars and moons. Hopefully the recipients will follow the signs and shoot for the stars and moon as they start a new life.

Thank you so much Jan.I know you have your hands full unpacking and am thrilled you found time to create.

Comfort dolls from Kerry Leslie

Kerry Leslie sent two beautiful and unique Comfort dolls . The white and black doll was made using Ukrainian Embroidery. A lovely pattern.

The red dancing doll was to be named Rose, but she was feisty during assembly so she took on the name,"Strength", which seems to be a perfect message for the recipient of this wonderful doll. Thank you Kerry for your donations. I know your dolls will hold a special place in their new owner's hearts.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Special offer from Rhonda Kivett for Comfort Doll donors

For the month of July,Rhonda Kivett is generously offering anyone that buys a doll form from her etsy shop during the month of July a free (randomly chosen) small doll form, in hopes that they will embellish it and donate it to the Comfort Doll Project.
That is so sweet Rhonda, Thank you!