Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We were given an award!

Connie presented the Comfort Doll Blog with an award." One Lovely Blog " award for all of you who give from your hearts so freely. Thank you and please know you are appreciated.
Thank you Connie.

More mail from "Every Woman's House" in Ohio

Another letter for the caring donors of Comfort Dolls from Every Woman's House shelter in Ohio.
Click on letter to enlarge.

Thank you from The Caring Place. Valpo IN

You received a thank you from the Caring Place in Valparaiso IN ladies:
Please click on letter to enlarge.

58th dozen Comfort Dolls to MI from the ladies at "Make Mine Pink"

Carol Kujala gathered 14 dolls made by herself and her friends from "Make Mine Pink". This wonderful group of business women has created and donated to the Comfort Doll Project previously.
A very feminine and cheerful lot arrived in a big box last week. They were wrapped too nicely for me to open them so please excuse the photos with light glare. Such detail in painted faces and heart warming tags, laces and pretty fabrics. The ladies have asked that these dolls be donated to the new shelter at "Enchanted Makeover" in Taylor Michigan . I will ship them out as soon as I get them tagged with a comfort card.

Thank you ladies for your continued support of the Comfort Doll Project.
Dolls donated by:
Carol Kujala of "Business In THE Bag"
Gail Caldwell of "The Sassy Beach"
Susie Durrschmidt of "The Polka Dot Rose"
Lisa McDonald of "Pale Pink and Roses"
Nancy Coeur d' Alene of "Coeur d' Alene gifts"
Gail Friend of "Gail Friend Designs"
Patricia Rose of "Patricia Rose- apotpourri"
Jennifer of "Cottage Flair"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One dozen more Comfort Dolls from Nancy Collins

Nancy Collins asked if send dolls by the dozen was a problem. Well Nancy, NO, every doll is welcome, singly or by the dozen. There are so many women out there who would love to know they were not forgotten or alone. Your beautiful dolls are certain to instantly put a smile on their faces. Thank you so very much for all you do for the Comfort Doll Project.

Dolls from Mollye Self

Mollye Self of Louisiana sent an adorable batch of 8 Comfort Dolls. Colorful and sweet, these will certainly brighten their recipients day.Thank you for joining the Comfort Doll Project Mollye.

More Comfort Dolls arrived from Patti Koosed.

Patti Koosed of Treasure Barn sent three more Comfort dolls. The lady in the hat and coat made me chuckle. Adorable Patti! Thank you :-)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doll from Darlene Doerscher of WI

Darlene of WI sent a beautiful Comfort Doll for the Comfort Doll Project. Thank you very much for joining us Darlene.

30 dolls shipped to Comfort Cottage

I received a request for dolls to go to Comfort Cottage in Decatur Illinois. Kathy Lipe contacted me with a request for women in need of some hugs. I was having a hard time finding a place to accept the last 2 dozen dolls when this request came in. How could I not see where these dolls were meant to go?
Dozen # 56 & #57 plus these 6 dolls will be sent to the Comfort Cottage.

This made me rethink and restructure the Comfort Doll project. Since it is very hard sometimes to make contact with shelters, I have decided to let you all dictate where the dolls should go. If you know of a shelter, and know their contact info, email it to me and I will line them up with dolls. The limit will be two dozen, even though this current shipment was 30. I will ship to shelters in all states. For example, if there is a request for 3 shelters in IN, I will ship one batch to IN and wait for another state in need instead of shipping all to IN so again, each state will receive more dolls.

I would like your input on this matter. If anyone feels this is not a good way to operate, please let me know. Since all 50 states have received a dozen dolls, it makes sense to now deliver to those requesting or from you, the donors.
Thank you.

More cuties from Anne Bernstein of MD

Annie sent another shipment of her cute cross stitched comfort dolls.
The first is "Voluptuous mermaid" designed by Jill Oxton.
Next we have "Reluctant Scholar" designed by Carol Emmer.
Then, "Don't worry,be Happy" designed by Barbara Ana.
Then "Abigail" designed by Cheri Saffiote.
Each was cross stitched by Annie with love. Beautiful and enlightening dolls. Thank you so much Annie, and also for sponsoring the next shipment. Blessings to you.

Dols from Jan Bartlett of NV

More dolls arrived from Jan Bartlett last month. I can't believe no matter how busy Jan is, she always manages to send a shipment of dolls. Even during her move, she makes dolls to send. Thank you so much for your continued support Jan.