Monday, February 16, 2009

15 Comfort Dolls arrive from Veleta of OR

Veleta (Sammy) of OR has donated 15 more of her creations and collected treasures for the Abused Women in shelters who would needs a heartfelt token of love and comfort. Sammy generously gathers dolls from her collection and donates them even though it is tough to pass on a treasured item from a friend, Sammy knows they will go to someone who truly needs them. This is quite a sweet and generous action Veleta, thank you so much for your gathering of love.

**Sammy is a phenominal beader among other artful ventures, and I wanted to share with you, this gorgeous beaded watch she had tucked in the bottom of the box for me.As my eyes took in the beauty of each doll I removed from the box and held, imagine my gasp when I discovered the watch.
Almost too much to absorb in one sitting. You know a few tears fell as I imagined a gal packing up some of her favorite things to donate and then to slip in a surprise for me as well.

I love sea themed anything, and this watch is unbelieveable. This is just another example of the giving heart of Sammy. I can't imagine the hours it took to create this. I do know it is a priceless treasure to me. Thank you for everything Sammy, your giving spirit certainly shines in everything you do.
Every donor is a treasure. Whether it is one doll or fifty, the time to gather supplies, create your dolls and pack them to ship off does not go unappreciated. I know the work involved in every step, and I know how busy life can get. I just want you all to know that not only are your generous gifts appreciated by their recipients, but by me as well. You are such a great group of women. Thank you.

More dolls arrived from Pam Kellogg

Pam Kellogg has created more Comfort Dolls. If you love the crazy quilt kitties, Pam is kindly offering to create one for you in her etsy shop. Pam, thanks again for your lovely stitched dolls and comfort hangers. I think these hung on a door of a safe room would bring comfort for sure. A reminder that women are always there supporting each other.

Thanks also for the beautiful card and treasures. Such a feminine greeting, I love it.

7 dolls from Ann Freeman

Seven Comfort Dolls arrived last week from Ann Freeman. Ann used a delightful pattern she found on weewonderfuls Cheerful little ones to bring smiles and warm hearts. Thank you very much Ann. Your donation is much appreciated.

More dolls from Patti Koosed

Patti Koosed donated three more sweet Comfort dolls. The larger one is all dressed up to meet her recipient. She even has earrings...adorable! Thank you Patti . You're dolls are always such a delight and much appreciated.

Monday, February 9, 2009

40th Dozen Comfort dolls headed to Montana

The 40th dozen Comfort dolls will be shipped to Montana Coalition against Domestic Violence.

The donors for this shipment are:
Judith McCarthy of Australia
Maryanne Davidson of Colorado
Jan Bartlett of Nevada
Nancy Collins of Florida........thank you all so very much. Do you realize we are 10 away from reaching our 5oth state? Amazing. All I can say is Comfort Doll Donors have big hearts and you ROCK! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This shipment was sponsored by Jan Bartlett of Nevada. Thank you Jan!!!!!!

39th dozen goes to Delaware

The 39th dozen Comfort Dolls are flying off to Delaware tomorrow. The Safe Program of People's Place will be receiving this shipment.

A big thank you to the following donors:
Nancy Collins of Florida
Barbara Chatterton Luuring of The Netherlands
Jan Bartlett of Nevada
Judith McCarthy of Australia

This shipment was sponsored by Nancy Colliins of Florida...Thank you Nancy!!!!!!!

14 dolls from Judith McCarthy of AU

Judith is a doll making machine! Another box of 14 Comfort Dolls arrived from Judith. I cannot believe the variety yet again. Bendable dolls,angels,goddess,and cats. I had to get a close up of the tiny cats. These can be tucked in a pocket or worn as a brooch. How delightful!

Thank you Judith. I don't think you ever sleep, but it is sure appreciated :-)

Comfort Doll from Maryann Davidson

This soft beauty arrived from Maryann Davidson of CO. She is made from soft chenille fabric and pearls. She will also arrive to a shelter in time for Valentine's day. Thank you so much Maryann for your beautiful donation.

New dolls from Jan Bartlett

Four new Valentine dolls arrived from Jan Bartlett . The vintage Valentine images are adorable and bring back memories of my card exchange days, pink frosted cupcakes, giggles, and sweetheart candies! These cheerful darlings will be finding a home today and will arrive in time to be passed out for Valentine's day to warm hearts! Thank you again Jan for your continued support of the Comfort Doll Project. (Thanks for the beautiful bookmark for Valentine's Day too :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

9 more dolls from Nancy Collins

Nancy Collins has been a busy gal! 9 Comfort Dolls arrived , and each one is cheerful and unique. Nancy even sent a Valentine doll. These dolls will be sent out in time for Valentine's Day. One day this week.I will find a shelter for them tomorrow.
Thank you so much Nancy, and also for sponsoring a few shipments. That was very generous and kind.

Comfort Doll arrives from Barbara Chatterton-Luuring

Barbara has sent another of her beautiful Comfort Dolls. This sweet bird is cross stitched with some pulled thread work and cloth wing. Barbara attached a comforting note to be enclosed with her doll. Thank you again Barbara. This doll will certainly bring smiles and comfort I'm sure.

Thank you letter from MN shelter

I wanted to share this letter I just received from the shelter in MN which received the 37th dozen. They have a unique way of storing the Comfort Dolls from you until they are needed~~~~~

My name is Kathleen and I am the shelter manager at Some Place Safe, a domestic violence shelter in Fergus Falls MN.
We received the dolls last week and are delighted to have them in our shelter. They are a wonderful addition to our advocacy possibilities. They really will "spread smiles" to victims and advocates alike! We have a small tree in our offices and the dolls will inhabit the branches, until someone "needs" one. Thank you again.