Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Comfort doll arrived today from Melusine of England

This beautiful purple crazy patch doll was sent from Melusine from England. This is Melusine's second attempt at CQ and I think she is a natural. She has a shi sha mirror,beading,fancy embroidery and a sweet face. The words Love,Trust,and Respect are embroidered on the doll to ensure a gentle reminder for the recipient that she is worthy. Thank you Mesuline for donating this beauty for the Comfort Doll Project.

Organized Comfort Doll project binder.Thank you giftie

This morning I was feeling a bit under the weather so I made a cup of cocoa and gathered my comfort doll papers,cards from you all, photos,letters from shelters, and a new binder. I spent the last 5 hours organizing it into something that makes sense and is a handy reference. As I was taping the photographs of your dolls to each donors page,I felt such strength . I know these dolls can't help but be a support,a secret message of hope to their owners. Thank you all so much for your past and continued support in this project. I still get letters from people just finding out and wanting to join in. Yes, it remains open,so spread the word. All are welcome to participate.

We have sent 8 dozen to US states, and Jo is about to sent the 9th dozen to a shelter in NZ, and I have 10 dolls ready for the 10th dozen. I will be adding the last 2. These will be going to Bethany House in Somerset Kentucky.

I must say, I feel much better now after reviewing the kind letters you sent me and just thinking of the hours and thoughts that each of you freely gave to this project.....all from your hearts and hands.

Speaking of hearts and hands, I wanted to send a little thank you to each of you. A token of my appreciation if you will. I found exactly what I was looking for last week.It is small, but the meaning is big. Since our "logo" is a heart in hand, I bought everyone a beautiful silver tone charm of a hand holding a heart which I will be sending out very soon. These pretty charms are bigger than I thought,and will be perfect to wear. They have the word "Love" on the heart . Exactly what you put into making your dolls.I want you to wear it around your neck, or on a key chain to remind you of the wonderful project you made happen. Thank you everyone for every doll made and given to a special woman. Hugs all around.

Letter from Safe Haven shelter in CT

I wanted to share the letter from the Safe Haven shelter in Waterbury CT who received the 7th dozen Comfort Dolls. The story she shares is exactly why we are doing this,I think this tells it all........

Friday, October 26, 2007

Browsing a bit and found a lovely thought..

I was browsing blogs a bit while waiting for a phone call and read this lovely message from Linda Baudreau. I love how she is getting so much from creating these dolls. She explains how she made a doll and offers a gentle plea for new Comfort Doll donors. She is so right when she suggests us to "Pay it forward". So many of us are blessed in many ways and we live such fast paced lives that we tend to forget how blessed we are. Slowing down a bit to create some small object that could mean so very much to another woman is not asking much if you think about it.
If you find a break in your day, perhaps you will design a doll in your head like Linda has done, and create it when you need uplifted yourself. It is amazing how wonderful you feel when you create for others from your heart and hands. I think you all know that. Thank you to all who contribute and to all who are considering a doll in the future. They are always welcome. We are about to find a home for the 10th dozen! Awesome!

Comfort doll from Fanchon Mandras of France

This Comfort Doll arrived from Fanchon Mandras of France last week. Isn't she a cutie? Fanchon embellished her doll with trims, beading around the hand drawn face, and a flying heart possibly meaning for the recipient to let her heart take wings and fly on to her new and happier life. Lovely cheerful gingham and petite floral fabric certain to bring a smile. Thank you very much for donating to the Comfort Doll Project Fanchon.

Comfort dolls from Pam K

Last week these two lovely Comfort dolls arrived from Pam Kellogg. I fell in love with the little mermaid door hanger. What a neat idea to send something the recipient can hang on her door when she has been placed in her own place. It could be a reminder of her strength to go forward and make that new,wonderful life. You should see the stitching on the purple

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two Comfort Dolls from Linda Boudreau

If you could see me now, you would notice my head has swollen a bit, well, a lot! I received such a sweet and very touching letter from Linda Boudreau along with her two adorable Comfort Doll cats.

Aren't they so cute? In person you just want to cuddle them like a real kitten. Linda used fine threads to add delicate whiskers and added silk ribbon embroidered flowers to both. Thank you so much Linda. Your donation to the Comfort Doll Project is much appreciated.

I don't want to embarrass Linda, but if there ever was an angel on earth, she is one I'm sure. Linda finds out if there are any little girls in her local shelter on Christmas Eve, she then chooses a doll from which she has collected throughout the year and slips it under the tree. She makes sure every little girl gets a doll for Christmas.I'm sorry, but that is just so sweet. That is just one thing she does,and she prefers to remain anonymous,a silent giver . Linda ,you are an angel,and you know the joy of giving. Thank you for what you do.

Comfort Doll from Linda Barraclough

Linda Barraclough from AU has sent another beauty for the Comfort Doll Project. It came with it's own little pouch and a little card which I didn't want to disturb but am sure it is as heartwarming as the doll. Linda used a fabric that looks like a soft denim type to me which I never thought to use...hmmmmmm. She added vintage lace and tatting,which she shared a piece with me,Thank you!!! A teddy bear and heart charm, beautiful embroidery and beading ,and sweet face make you want to smile. Peace and comfort are felt in this doll.

Thank you Linda for another Comfort Doll donation. She's a beauty!

Comfort Dolls from Freda Butler

Freda Butler,who I am honored to call my friend sent in these three Comfort Dolls. She used vintage crazy quilt pieces to construct two of these.Her special little beaded touches along with decorative embroidery stitching and open arm pattern will bring much pleasure to the recipients.
Thank you so much Freda. Your comfort dolls are wonderful. I also want to thank you for sponsoring a few shipments.You shouldn't have. You are so king and much too generous. I do appreciate all your donations to this project.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comfort spreads .........from Elizabeth's heart to Mo

Elizabeth Woodford has found inspiration in the Comfort Doll Project and is spreading comfort through her dear friend touched by breast cancer. She has made a box full of dolls as you can see in the photo, using pink fabrics (for breast cancer awareness) and added embellishments which she will send to her friend to add her love to by embellishing each doll before passing them on to women in chemotherapy.

This is so awesome and brought tears to my eyes. You must read the whole story here. Elizabeth, I agree ,(quote from Elizabeth)"The more people that we can inspire to think beyond themselves, the better the whole world will be!!!
What a friend!

It is so great to see many of you who have learned of this project to adapt it to inspire your comfort project. There are so many who could use a comfort doll, a symbol, to know someone cares. It doesn't matter what cause it is for.Each doll you make is spilling with love. You can feel it when you lay your eyes upon each one. Every stitch you make,you are sharing of yourself. Keep on keeping on, there are many who could use a hug.

Comfort Doll from Sylvie of France

This dainty French lady arrived from France on Monday. She was made by Sylvie Leandre.

Sylvie created a blissful doll dancing with her hands encircling her head. The back has lovely embroidery and the front has tiny embroidered flowers and leaves which the picture doesn't show very well. What a sweet smile and a big heart to share with her new owner. Thank you Sylvie,she is sweet.
I can't wait to browse your site!

"Creative" Comfort Doll donation project

Grace Jewell Fisher-Gilmore of Stockton California emailed this letter telling of her Comfort Doll participation. How wonderful!!! Thank you Grace. It is much appreciated.

Dear Pat

Thank you for you return email. I'll make sure we keep the dolls within the 6" height. Last year myself, my son, daughter, grandchildren and other friends and family embroidered sayings on fabric which I then bound and backed with a fabric or ornaments with big raffia bows. We used to ornaments (around 50) to decorate a tree for an event in the next town for their Festival of Trees to raise money for the museum and classes for the public. It was featured on the local news. Everyone had a wonderful time making the ornaments and were very excited to go see 'their' ornaments on the tree. There were approx. 80 plus trees. This year I am planning on using the comfort dolls to decorate one of the two trees we're doing. I'm going to title it "The Comfort Tree" and have a scroll that explains the dolls. I'm hoping the tree will generate more interest in people making them. After Christmas the trees come down and that's when I'll be mailing them to you so the love with which they were made can be shared. I love getting others involved in projects like this. It not only brings our their creativity but gives them an opportunity to give service to others. And we have learned through experience that giving service not only helps the recipient but gives the one giving the service feelings of love and compassion and a renewed sense of what life should be like. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to give service. I will check the site you listed for pattern ideas. And your work is not only beautiful but a blessings for others to see and have.

Thank you again,

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Third doll from France

The third and final Comfort Doll from France was sent by Nathalie Locquen. Nathalie's doll features a crown of jewels which adorn her face. Such beautiful beads!!!! She is further embellished with two beaded rings an arrow and a beaded dangle. Purple paisley fabrics and silk ribbon embroidery add an elegance to this doll. A purple velvet hanger will be great for the recipient to hang by her bed or in her car to always remember the strength and love sent her way.
Nathalie included a beautiful hand made fiber art card featuring a cute fimo face and a silver thimble from Marseille. WOW! Thank you Nathalie! That is so sweet and generous of you. I will cherish both the card and thimble. Thank you so much for donating a Comfort Doll. She is beautiful.

Second doll from France...

The second Comfort Doll from France is from Eliane Benys. . I haven't read the note yet because it is written in French. Cool! I will translate it online in a bit. This doll is just adorable in her lovely red dress with white stars and lace collar. I love her hair. I will have to try that.She is a dainty lady and I know she will be cherished. Thank you very much for joining the Comfort Doll Project Eliane .

Three dolls from France arrived today! First one....

Three parcels arrived with Comfort Dolls from three different donors, all from France. Strange huh? The first one is crazy quilted from Mamie Simone. It is embellished on the back and front and it has a beautiful red velvet pouch for the recipient to carry her in. You should see the embroidered face, it has the most content expression and Mamie use beautiful metallic fine thread for her eyes. She also gave her sewn on hair and a lace cap beaded with flower beads and a heart necklace. The love spills from this Mamie. Thank you so much for donating this doll.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Doll forms arrived from Monica Magness!!!

Monica Magness , a Comfort Doll Donor, offered a few sets of10 pre-made doll forms last week and I was fortunate to grab a set. They arrived in the neatest packaging, fabric strips. I thought that was so fun to find among the wonderful assortment of doll forms. She also included some magnificent doll faces made by Vanessa Goodman, an Artist in NY, and a stuffed flying heart.
As you can see, there are dolls of every color and shape for me to embellish for the Comfort Doll Project. I can't wait to get started. Thank you Monica!!!! What a deal!

Two more Crazy Quilted Comfort Doll Cats from Pam

These Gorgeous CQ cat Comfort Dolls are from Pam Kellogg. Pam makes these crazy quilted cat dolls specifically for the Comfort Doll Project. Each one is a work of art and I couldn't chose a favorite if I had to. Gorgeous creatures. The large pink pearl spider on the black one is so pretty.Very cool web I might add.
Thank you yet again Pam for your time and talent and for donating to so many women in need.

Doll from Monique of France

This cheerful doll is arrived last week from Monique Vincent from France. She arrived at the perfect time to reflect the season with her gold accent leaf fabric in rich rust,gold,and green. She has beaded embellishments and a heart appliqué for a special recipient. Thank you so much for joining the Comfort Doll Project.Your doll will certainly brighten a heart.