Monday, March 31, 2008 Melanie Willows

"Bella" was made by Melanie Willows (love that name) and she is petite and sweet.Her little poem which arrived with her reads,"With my arms closed I can protect my heart. In rose dress I can sit tall. In big purple boots I will withstand all. Isn't that a nice verse? I was going to photograph her cute little legs, but she was too modest. I can't blame her there :-). Thank you Melanie, she is a sweetie,and I know she will be well accepted and cared for.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New dolls from Becky Bunn of AZ

These four beautiful dolls arrived yesterday from Becky Bunn of Arizona. Unfortunately I misplaced her mailing tag and will have to update this post when I get her last name.(so sorry Becky)Just look at the faces and tell me these won't be warmly welcomed. Thank you so much for your Comfort Doll donations.

Monday, March 24, 2008

19th DZ to South Dakota

We are approaching our 20th dozen Comfort Dolls and it hasn't been a year yet. You are all so generous and I know I will always remember this project with a warm heart. The messages from you and the shelter's are enough to keep me smiling forever.

The 19th dozen will be sent to the White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in South Dakota tomorrow courtesy of Terri Takacs who is sponsoring this shipment. Thanks Terri!!!!!!!

Tilly Black Bear is the founder of this shelter and an amazing lady. You can see her and learn more about her program here.

The donors for the 19th dozen Comfort dolls are~Charlene Pawlik,Sher Miller,Wendy Shu,Kathryn Koenig,Jan Bartlett,Noel Poupard,Annie Bernstein,Adria,Pam Kellogg,Bennie Harman.
Thank you all for your lovely dolls. I know their recipients will love them to pieces.

18th Dozen Comfort dolls going to Wisconsin

I am pleased to announce that our 18th dozen Comfort Dolls are being sent to the "New Day Shelter" in Ashland Wisconsin tomorrow courtesy of Terri Takacs who is sponsoring this shipment.

The donors of the 18th dozen are:Adria of IL, Pam Kellogg of IL,Sher Miller of TN,Wendy Shu of Singapore,Bennie Harman of FL,Annie Bernstein of MD,Charlene Pawlik of WY,Jan Bartlett of NV,Kathryn Koenig of PA,and Noel Poupard. Thank you all for your heartfelt donations.

3 Comfort Dolls from Jan Bartlett

Jan Bartlett has sent 3 more of her playful Spirits to enchant the hearts of abused women.

These 3 dolls feature a real vintage child's face which bring life to them and make you want to squeeze them and feel the love stitched into each one.

I don't know how she makes them but she certainly has put a soul in each one. Thank you Jan, your sweet dolls soar straight to the heart.

I loved the note Jan included which reads,"This is such fun". "Thank you for making it possible". Well Jan, I am happy you enjoy making your dolls and sharing your talent and love, but it is you and the other generous donors like yourself who make it possible. I only opened the door, you all keep it open.Thank you everyone.

More dolls from Annie Bernstein

Annie Bernstein, as most of you know by now, makes the most exquisite cross stitch dolls for our project. Recently I received four more distinct and equally fantastic specimens! Annie would like the designers to be credited, so I will post the pattern designers with each of Annie's dolls.

Dancing Queen by Jean Walter
Chinese Bridesmaid by DMC
Art Deco Lady by Maria Diaz

Fairy by Pine Glen Designs
Annie, thank you. Your stitching is perfect and the patterns you chose are a delight.Annie wrote lovely encouraging messages for each doll.

8 Comfort Dolls from Noel Poupard

Noel Poupard has been a busy lady. She donated 8 beaded Comfort Dolls to our project.

Noel attached two messages of comfort to each doll along with a metal encouraging word charm and each has a full head of hair.

The faces are so sweet, and the day I received them, I needed a lift and these did the job. Thank you so much Noel for your time, talent, and caring heart.

Letter from Mississippi Shelter

I wanted to post the Thank You letter sent by our 16th Comfort Doll recipients, Angel Wings Outreach Center in Mississippi. Thank you again donors for your generosity .