Thursday, August 14, 2008

More dolls from Jan Bartlett of Nevada

These four beauties are from Jan Bartlett of NV.
Jan used beautiful doll and cat fabric to construct the bodies and cute wooden face buttons for the faces.They are so sweet. Thank you Jan for your continued support of the Comfort Doll project.

Dolls from

The next dolls were from Marjorie Holme of IL. Marjorie embellished them with sequins, beads, and embroidery. They are delightful. They each have a special message for their lucky recipient. Thanks so much Marjorie. Your dolls are sure to please.

New dolls from Charleen Pawlik

Last week several dolls arrived! The first dolls are from Charleen Pawlik of WY. Charleen said she was in a triangle phase right now so she hoped the dolls shape was ok. Ok??? Yes! They are wonderful. There is a lot of embellishing detail on these little women and each has an inspiring message of HOPE. Thank you Charlene, these are just wonderful.