Friday, November 21, 2008

Comfort doll from Nancy Collins of FL

A sweet little doll with flip flops arrived from Nancy Collins of Florida. She has a cheerful little face, heart and butterfly bead embellishments, and the word, "Dream" to inspire her new owner.
Thank you so much Nancy. Your first Comfort Doll is wonderful and much appreciated.

Three more beaded dolls from Freda

A package of three beaded Comfort Dolls arrived from Freda Butler. Freda Made Spirit dolls from a class she took from Robin Atkins. They fit in the palm of your hand very nicely and makes me want to make a few in this style for women to hold them securely and dream of better days while feeling the love from someone who cares.
Thank you again Freda for your wonderful doll contributions. Much appreciated.

Comfort Dolls from Etsy group

Patti Koosed of Oregon, collected these dolls from various Etsy members and sent them to the Comfort Doll Project. Each of them are hand painted and have a sweet message that reads, "Made with love and blessed with a prayer", "and Jesus loves you".

I thought I would share a cute detail of this doll. She has a head of beautiful hair with a scarf. That is so clever. I will post the names of donors when I receive them. I think one of the donors is Brenda Salzano of OR.Thank you Patti ,Brenda, and all of each of your participants for donating to the Comfort Doll Project. It is much appreciate.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fragrant beauty from Lynn Palazzo Of Canada

Lynn Palazzo from Ontario Canada created this wonderfully smelling Comfort Doll. The face on her is such a gentle and sweet expression. Lynn filled her with Lavender buds to calm and comfort it's recipient. Beautiful soft fabrics, hand embroidery, a silver heart charm , and what seems to be a vintage rhinestone button makes this doll. Thank you Lynn for supporting the Comfort Doll Project and for sponsoring a few shipments. That was very generous and thoughtful of you. Blessings.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Message for Bennie Harman

Bennie Harman, Could you please email me at Thank you.