Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes, more dolls arrived...these are from Rolanda Patterson

I am so lucky to get to see and feel each arrival......Rolanda Patterson of Texas donated these magnificent beaded Comfort Dolls.You can view her exquisite beaded doll she entered and was runner up here. I can't help smiling when I look at the green mermaid. She is so sweet with her beaded bodice and sequin and beaded tail. Her fin has the tiniest beads I have ever seen and the beads used for the shisha mirror face are yummy! I would love to know where I could buy them Rolanda. The turquoise bead mix used for hair just sets the whole creation off. The back of the tail was hand painted but wouldn't show up well enough to share. The little blue mermaid is beaded with fibers and her face is a button. These will fit nicely in a pocket for comforting. Thank you very much Rolanda for your donations. If you have a blog or site, I'd be happ to link to it. :-)


Ralonda said...

Pat, the beads used on her tail are referred to as 15's and can be purchased at many "bead" stores. If you don't have a bead store close, I would happily mail you some great little beads!
I do not have a blog but you can go to
to see a larger doll that placed in the competion as well as other beautiful beaded dolls by other artists. I will in the future be sending you more precious babies and I spread the word all over about your project. Thank you for sharing them on your blog.

Pat Winter said...

Rolanda, I would be very interested in buying a hank of both the size 15 tail fin gold beads and the greenish ones around the shisha mirror face if can email me directly at