Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Comfort Dolls from Judith

Judith McCarthy of South Au has sent more comfort dolls to share. Judith even slipped in "Fairy bread". It is calorie free! Thank you so much Judith!!!! :-)After the box of brownies from Donna and the toffee from Flo, the fairy bread was much needed to keep me on track. I have to share this story with you.....the dolls arrived on Monday afternoon as I was unloading flowers from my car to head off to more flower shops with my mother. I got the mail as I was driving off and told mom to open it as I drove. When she opened the large package from Judith, she was quite surprised to find such an assortment of beautiful dolls. One by one she unwrapped them and studied them, talking and telling me to look as she explained them. For a moment it seemed she was the child and I the mother,LOL. I didn't really get to see them until later that night, and as usual, Judith's doll faces amazed me, and all the varieties of shapes she creates. Truly jaw dropping.
I wish mom could see every doll that arrives as I do. She would be filled with warm fuzzies just as I am knowing you all take such precious time and care in creating these special dolls for abused women.

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Judith said...

Thanks Pat, I would love to have seen your Mum's face too!!That's what it's all about isn't it? It is the "little kindnesses" in our lives that makes life bearable in tough times. Next package I'll include a "little something" for your Mum. What are her favourite colours?