Monday, July 13, 2009

New blog look and letter from shelter.

Please excuse me while I am experimenting with a new look for the blog. I thought I would update it a bit. I think each of you donors and those helping spread the word of the Comfort Doll project are angels and when I found this calming background with the wings from Itkupilli, I thought it would be nice for this blog. I haven't had much time to spend on the header, so please be patient as I try to add our logo (doll image) to it.

In the mean time, you have received another thank you from the shelter, "My Sister's Place", in Washington DC. Enjoy, you deserve it.....:-)
(Right click to enlarge letter.)


Annie said...

What a nice letter. I'm so glad you got a positive response from a shelter in our nation's capital!

Patti said...

Love the new look and what a great letter. I am so proud of you and this project.

Salzanos said...

The page is so cozy and warm! Thanks for including the letters too. I just love hearing what they say. I need to get busy and make more dolls, summer is always so busy, but hurting women and children know no break, we need to keep you supplied as long as you have the desire to head up this incredible project.

I will go and "tweet" this for you too! ;-)

Reflections of life and art said...

Pat, thanks for sharing this nice letter with us and I love the new look...the angels are perfect for this blog.....Noel

Sandra said...

Hi Pat! The new look is beautiful! Glad I heard from you, good the dolls arrived safely.

I admire you, this is a wonderful project and even if I can only send one or two dolls at a time, they will continue to get there.

I agree with Noel. The angels are perfect for what you do :o)

Anonymous said...

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