Thursday, January 22, 2009

38th dozen shipped to Womens center in Idaho

The Womens Center in Coeur d'Alene Idaho will receive our 38th dozen Comfort Dolls.* This shipment was sponsored by Melissa Newton (Debra's daughter). Thank you Melissa!!!!
The generous creators and donors for dozen #38 are:
Marilyn Goodman
Kim Snover
Jan Bartlett
Chaska Peacock
Brenda Salzano
Pat Winter
Debra Newton
Thank you all for your beautiful dolls and for your continued support of the Comfort Doll Project. We are certainly starting the New Year off in a big way!

37th dozen off to Minnesota Womens Center

The Women's Crisis Center in Minnesota will receive the 37th dozen Comfort Dolls. Donors of the 37th dozen are:
Beverly Sams of VA
Chaska Peacock of TX
Jan Bartlett of CO
Carol Kujala of MI
Pat Winter of IN
Debra Newton of CT
Brenda Salzano of OR
Patti Koosed of OR
Thank you all for your lovely comfort dolls and a special thanks to Debra Newton for sponsoring this shipment.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comfort Doll from Marilyn Goodman of CA

Marilyn Goodman's soft sweet Comfort Doll arrived today.

Marilyn's doll is cuddly soft and is embellished with tatting,buttons,beads, and felt cut outs.There is a pretty pink pocket on the back which holds a special note for whomever has the privilege to receive her. The chenille doll body is vintage from Marilyn's old bathrobe to bring a bit of comfort from something of comfort from the maker. What a great idea! Thank you so much Marilyn. Your doll donation is greatly appreciated.

New Comfort Dolls from Moi!

I am finally getting some dolls made. These three are filled with lavender in hopes to calm worries and refresh their recipients outlook on the road ahead.

Comfort Dolls from Chaska Peacock

Chaska Peacock sent two beautiful angel Comfort Dolls. She decorated them using velvet leaves,altered art faces,gorgeous fabrics and fibers, and lovely sparkling wings to fly into the hands of their recipients. Thank you for these beautiful dolls Chaska. Very unique and lovely!

Comfort Doll from Kim Snover of CA

Kim Snover of CA, sent this open armed cheerful spirit to give a huge warm hug to a woman who could use one. Kim crazy quilted this doll with beautiful fuchsia,pink and brown fabrics sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Thank you so much Kim! Your doll begs to be held.

More Comfort dolls from Jan Bartlett

Jan Bartlett is like the little energizer bunny when it comes to making Comfort Dolls. She keeps going and going and going! I just received these four sweeties from Jan. Made from doll image fabric and each with a wooden doll face all tied up with a pretty ribbon just waiting to be held by their new recipients. Thank you again Jan for your wonderful dolls and for the time to so generously donate to this cause. :-)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comfort Doll from Carol of Michigan

A keepsake doll made by Carol Kujala of Michigan arrived yesterday. Carol's doll is made from a soft cream fabric with lace, satin flowers, rhinestones and a pretty round tag which reads, "Forever in my heart". Carol, you can bet the recipient will keep this kind gesture forever in her heart. Thank you for your donation to the Comfort Doll Project. Your doll will be among the 37th dozen.

More dolls from Patti of Treasure Barn

Another shipment of Comfort Dolls arrived from Patti Koosed of Treasure Barn in OR. Four more sweet jointed dolls offering, Hope, Faith,Hugs, and Dreams. Inspiring words to live by and pass on. Thank you for yet another generous donation Patti. They are getting ready to fly away next week to new owners who will love them.

More dolls from Debra Newton and daughter Melissa

Debra Newton sent four more Comfort dolls including a Valentine Comfort Doll from her etsy group and her daughter Melissa made one as well. Very unique designs with lots of detail such as glass hands, charms, lace and hand panted faces. Melissa's doll is "pretty in pink" with "Dream" embroidered on it and beads,pretty sheer ruffle at the bottom and such an adorable embroidered face. They are rose scented too and smells like I just walked through a sunny garden. A mood lightener indeed!

Thank you both for your sweet donations. I also want to thank you Debra for sponsoring a couple shipments of the dolls.That was very nice and generous of you and appreciated.

Shelter letters...three to share.

I received thank you letters from three shelters the past two weeks and want to share them with you since it is OUR mail. Click on the letter to enlarge.

The first is from the Rescue Mission in Wyoming who received the 35th dozen.

The second letter arrived from the Kodiak Women's Shelter and Crisis Center in Alaska which received the 36th dozen Comfort Dolls.

The third letter is from the recipients of the 34th dozen, The Avalon Center in Tennessee.
I hope you enjoy reading the letters and knowing how much your dolls mean to the women of these shelters. They were given out at Christmas time, and what a great time to receive a little unexpected love. Thanks again everyone. You are much appreciated.