Monday, July 13, 2009

Spreading the word

I had received many letters about our Comfort Doll project and wanted to share with you one woman's efforts to help spread the work. Barb Kobe posted this on her blog, "The Art of Healing Dolls".
Browse around and see the amazing dolls and read the stories. How inspiring!

New blog look and letter from shelter.

Please excuse me while I am experimenting with a new look for the blog. I thought I would update it a bit. I think each of you donors and those helping spread the word of the Comfort Doll project are angels and when I found this calming background with the wings from Itkupilli, I thought it would be nice for this blog. I haven't had much time to spend on the header, so please be patient as I try to add our logo (doll image) to it.

In the mean time, you have received another thank you from the shelter, "My Sister's Place", in Washington DC. Enjoy, you deserve it.....:-)
(Right click to enlarge letter.)

More dolls from Bennie Harman

Bennie Harman of Florida created four sweet Comfort Dolls . Bennie's curly haired dolls hold a floral bouquet to greet it's recipient and a nice smile.Thank you for your continued support to the Comfort Doll Project Bennie.

Dolls from

A box of dolls arrived from Debra Newton from Dragonfly Treasures of CA last week. Debra created 17 Comfort Dolls of every sort. Flower fairies, Dotee dolls,bunnies, bears, etc. A lovely mix sure to warm hearts and put smiles on faces. Debra, thank you so much, and also for sponsoring the shipment. It is much appreciated.