Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christina Crawford sent 12 Comfort Dolls

Yesterday as I sat on my porch swing opening my mail, I could not believe my eyes. I am always touched by the support and love that comes with each and every Comfort Doll parcel, and when they come by the dozen, which happens pretty often, I can't help but get emotional. Telling you all "Thank You" just does not seem enough. I hope you can imagine how I feel toward each of you who donate or spread the word about the Comfort Doll Project.

Christina Crawford from Expression Studio sent a large box filled with 12 Comfort Dolls. As I carefully unwrapped each doll, I whispered,"Oh my goodness",as tears flowed. I was glad no one else was home to see me. I couldn't hold back the tears, and I tried.

Each doll is 4" or 5", jointed and dressed in different fabric prints. She sent floral bears and purple bears, a ballerina with a tutu,

ethnic dolls with caps or a purse and each had a special message that reflected the doll's was just unbelievable to see such a variety of dolls in one box. I know a huge amount of thought went in to creating these and attaching messages. Christina, I am speechless. Thank you doesn't seem enough. You are amazing and your dolls are simply unbelievable. I thank you, even if my eyes were red when my husband got home.:-)


Anonymous said...

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Marie said...

They are all so wonderful! I keep looking at them and wondering how to make a doll as beautiful as any ONE of them! What would you suggest a first timer do? I am a quilter...
Marie in California

Pat Winter said...

Hi Marie, I think a Dotee doll or one of the Inner child dolls would be great for a first timer. You can see Inner child dolls at link below.

They are made with two pieces of random cut fabric which has been embellished on the front and stitched together with blanket stitch and filled with lavender buds.