Monday, July 14, 2008

Comfort Doll arrives from Venezuela by a thin hair....

Sandra Flores Cruz from Venezuela donated this sweet crocheted mermaid Comfort Doll named Melina. Sandra heard about this project through Annie Bernstein, who has donated several Comfort Dolls herself. Annie,thank you!

My mail lady came all the way back here this afternoon to drop her off. She must have been swimming around the floor???? It is a wonder that she arrived at all, in one piece that is. Sandra had her wrapped in a bubble wrap,sealed in a ziplock,and secured in an envelope, all safe and sound. However someone in customs decided they needed a peek so they ran a razor across the package to open it. When I saw the slash on the back of the envelope, my heart skipped a beat. Then I opened and saw the zip lock was slashed as well as the bubble wrap. I was expecting the worse. I know what it's like to have your work destroyed by customs. Not a pleasant feeling.

Thankfully, the doll was not touched. Whew! An angel must have been watching over her :-). Sandra clearly wrote the contents on her package and she did not fill the doll with any type of herbs such as lavender or anything customs would be curious about. Why they chose this package to sllice open is beyond me.
Anyway, she is unharmed and beautiful Sandra. Thank you very much for this Comfort Doll donation. It is greatly appreciated.


Sandra said...

Thank God she got there and is complete! I was wondering... Well, customs are pretty much unpredictable. Next ones will be boxed! lol

Thank you for all you do, this is an inspiring project and I'm glad to be involved, hopefully will be sending more contributions in the near future.

Annie said...

What a lovely mermaid! Customs opened the last package Sandra sent to me too and it was just an envelope with a magazine and small stuffed pillow ornament inside.

I'm glad I managed to spark an interest from another stitcher. Sandra is multi-talented in needle-arts and other crafts!

patternnuts said...

What a beautiful doll Sandra! So pretty......

(I guess customs likes your things too!)

Nancy Ward said...


I posted an entry with a link about your blog (and project) on my blog today (August 8, 08).

Please let me know if you would prefer I not include the link on my blog.


Nancy Ward