Monday, April 6, 2009

11 Comfort Dolls from Comfort Dolls yahoo group

A month or so ago Pam Suver contacted me to ask if I would be fine if she created a Comfort Doll Yahoo group because she understands the importance of this project and wants to spread the word in hopes of more participants. I gave her my blessings and thought it was a wonderful idea, and what a special lady to want to encourage and inspire others to join the Comfort Doll Project.

A sweet smelling box of 11 dolls arrived for the shelters from Pam. Pam's Yahoo group currently has 5 members. Two ladies, Kathorine Wood of PA and CR Bryan of VA made these 11 dolls which Pam kindly collected and shipped to me.

Pam enclosed a heart warming letter describing the care these two women put into their dolls. I can see and feel it Pam. These are beautiful and such a blessing to hold. Thank you for starting the group, collecting and shipping the dolls to me, and thank you Kathorine and CR for creating these lovely little ladies. Their recipients will most certainly feel the love of every stitch placed.


Griselda said...

What a great idea Pat, I would love to participate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely message about the girls, Country and CR.
Pam Suver