Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More mail to you..........

Two more letters to share from shelters you have brightened. Click to enlarge .

Friday, April 24, 2009

Letter from Onslow shelter in NC

A letter for you :-) Click to enlarge. Thank you all for your continued donations. I am getting ready to send out dozen #53,#54, and #55 next week.

DiDi dolls from feltlikestitchin

Feltlikestitchin of England donated these little DiDi dolls. Each doll has a little pocket with what looks to be a special message for its recipient. She hopes her Comfort Dolls will send sunshine to their recipients. I do think they will indeed! Thank you so much for joining the Comfort Doll project.

Comfort Dolls by Vicki Torcello of AU

Vicki Torcello of Australia sent three little beauties to pass along to spread love and comfort.Looks like great things come in brown paper wrappings!
Thank you very much Vicki!

Comfort Dolls from Patti Koosed

Patti Koosed of "Treasure Barn" sent four more love filled Comfort Dolls. Each has an inspiring word embroidered on its arm. Thank you Patti! Your dolls will be spreading smiles very soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A dozen flower fairy Comfort Dolls from Sherry Ellison

WOW! Dolls arriving a dozen at a time!!!! This dozen is from Sherry Ellison aka Saucy Chick Sherry, of CA. Little flower fairies for Spring! Bright and cheerful ladies will paint smiles across faces very soon. Sherry, thank you very much for yet another doll donation and for sponsoring this shipment. I will let you know when and where they are sent. :-)

12 dolls from Ann Freeman of CO

A dozen Comfort Dolls arrived from Ann Freeman from CO. What a happy lot!!!!
I love the style of her dolls, and in this batch she made assorted sizes. They are so adorable and soft. You gotta love em!

Thank you again Ann. Your support really makes a difference. These will ship out next week. I will let you know when and where :-) Hugs!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On our second time around for 50 states!!!!

Well ladies, We did it! We have now passed shipping a dozen Comfort Dolls to every state and a dozen plus to New Zealand. The 52nd dozen ships out in the morning. You all are amazing. I could never have imagined this project going so far. I hoped, and dreamt it would, but with life being so busy for everyone, I just thought it may have been put on a back burner. You all kept shipping your beautiful handmade dolls and with each package my heart warmed. I don't think there was a week that I didn't receive dolls.

My promise is that this project will continue for as long as people feel the need to share their talents and hearts with women who could use a ray of sunshine in their upset lives.
Thanks to all of you who spread the word, and for those who added the Comfort Doll button to their blog or web site. This helps so much. I also want to thank those of you who have taken on this project in your own country and state. You don't have to send to me to be included in this project. Also for those of you who spread the word among groups, and for the newly created Comfort Doll group. It is wonderful how we really are one big sisterhood willing to give from our hearts.

I know postage, supplies, and time is costly, and I can't thank you enough for what you do. If you sent one doll or several, your donation continues to give in a huge way. I know I will never forget any of you.
Love, blessings, and hugs to you all.

Lot of Comfort Dolls from Beverly Sams

Beverly donated 10 more Comfort Dolls. They jumped out of the box, all smiling and happy to continue their journey to hearts that need them. Thank you again Beverly for this delightful lot of beautiful dolls.

Dolls from Lisa Lentini

This sweet foursome arrived just in time to put a smile on my face on this rainy day. Lisa, these are just adorable, and yes, I am happy to send them to their new owners. The size doesn't alter their powers :-). Thank you so much for joining the Comfort Doll Project.

52nd dz to CA nominated by Sherry Ellison

Thanks to the nomination by Sherry Ellison, California will receive the 52nd dozen Comfort dolls. DVSAC will be accepting these dolls made by the following donors:

Pam Suver
Noel Poupard
Lisa Lentini
Beverly Sams........Thanks again ladies. Your contributions have us heading on our second round.
Who would have thought?

Please feel free to nominate a shelter in your state. I send 12 dolls to each state in random order until we hit all 50 states. We are on our second round with CA taken already. Thank you all again for making this possible.

Mail for you!

Another wonderful letter for wonderful donors....The 47th recipients from the Oklahoma shelter sent this for you. I think you all should be very proud . Click to enlarge.

51st dz goes to New Hampshire

New Beginnings in New Hampshire will receive the 51st dozen Comfort Dolls. These dolls were made and donated by:
Pamela Perry
Noel Poupard
Lisa Lentini
Beverly Sams
Pam Suver

Thank you all for your beautiful dolls and continued support. We are on our second round thanks to such wonderful caring donors.

50th dz to Nebraska

The 50th dozen comfort dolls will be shipped to Nebraska tomorrow. SAFE center will receive them in Kerney NE. The donors of the 50th dz are:
Beverly Sams of VA
Lisa Lentini of NJ
Noel Poupard of CA
Pam Suver of OH
Pamela Perry of KY

Jeannette Sinclair sponsored this shipment by purchasing an Inner Child doll kit. Thank you all for your beautiful dolls and thanks Jeannette for sponsoring this shipment. You are all angels.

49th dozen to North Dakota

49th dz Comfort dolls shipped to N. Dakota. The SAFE Shelter in Jamestown will receive them. Donors are:
Pamela Perry of KY
Pam Suver of OH
Noel Poupard of CA
Angela Batchelor of the UK
Lisa Lentini of NJ
Beverly Sams of VA

This shipment was sponsored by Jeannette Sinclair of PA. She purchased an Inner child doll kit which sponsors a shipment. Thank you Jeannette.

Monday, April 6, 2009

27 dolls from Noel Poupard of CA

Today a box filled with 28 Comfort Dolls arrived from Noel Poupard of CA. Noel makes small pocket size dolls for the women to hold easily and tuck away in her purse or pocket to keep a comforting hug near her at all times. Very thoughtful Noel. Each doll is beaded and embellished front and back with sweet faces. Noel made 27 dolls for the shelters and tucked in one for me along with a beautiful fabric post card. Noel, thank you so much for such a generous donation. The doll you made for me will be treasured. She is beautiful! Front and back is just so detailed, and the fabric postcard will also be displayed in my studio. You are so thoughtful and quite a busy gal with much talent!
Thank you for everything.

11 Comfort Dolls from Comfort Dolls yahoo group

A month or so ago Pam Suver contacted me to ask if I would be fine if she created a Comfort Doll Yahoo group because she understands the importance of this project and wants to spread the word in hopes of more participants. I gave her my blessings and thought it was a wonderful idea, and what a special lady to want to encourage and inspire others to join the Comfort Doll Project.

A sweet smelling box of 11 dolls arrived for the shelters from Pam. Pam's Yahoo group currently has 5 members. Two ladies, Kathorine Wood of PA and CR Bryan of VA made these 11 dolls which Pam kindly collected and shipped to me.

Pam enclosed a heart warming letter describing the care these two women put into their dolls. I can see and feel it Pam. These are beautiful and such a blessing to hold. Thank you for starting the group, collecting and shipping the dolls to me, and thank you Kathorine and CR for creating these lovely little ladies. Their recipients will most certainly feel the love of every stitch placed.