Monday, March 24, 2008

18th Dozen Comfort dolls going to Wisconsin

I am pleased to announce that our 18th dozen Comfort Dolls are being sent to the "New Day Shelter" in Ashland Wisconsin tomorrow courtesy of Terri Takacs who is sponsoring this shipment.

The donors of the 18th dozen are:Adria of IL, Pam Kellogg of IL,Sher Miller of TN,Wendy Shu of Singapore,Bennie Harman of FL,Annie Bernstein of MD,Charlene Pawlik of WY,Jan Bartlett of NV,Kathryn Koenig of PA,and Noel Poupard. Thank you all for your heartfelt donations.

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Ralonda said...

Would you mind disclosing what the expense is to ship these dolls- in general?