Monday, March 24, 2008

19th DZ to South Dakota

We are approaching our 20th dozen Comfort Dolls and it hasn't been a year yet. You are all so generous and I know I will always remember this project with a warm heart. The messages from you and the shelter's are enough to keep me smiling forever.

The 19th dozen will be sent to the White Buffalo Calf Woman Society in South Dakota tomorrow courtesy of Terri Takacs who is sponsoring this shipment. Thanks Terri!!!!!!!

Tilly Black Bear is the founder of this shelter and an amazing lady. You can see her and learn more about her program here.

The donors for the 19th dozen Comfort dolls are~Charlene Pawlik,Sher Miller,Wendy Shu,Kathryn Koenig,Jan Bartlett,Noel Poupard,Annie Bernstein,Adria,Pam Kellogg,Bennie Harman.
Thank you all for your lovely dolls. I know their recipients will love them to pieces.

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