Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trio of beaded Comfort Dolls from Sherry Wade

Sherry Wade , a sweet friend who is multi talented,donated three more of her beautiful beaded dolls to the Comfort Doll Project. Sherry made each doll a coordinating box which each doll will be delivered in, very sweet. Here are her newest trio.
This doll is beaded all around and is so petite. I don't know if Sherry makes the faces, but they sure are adorable. I know Sherry offers wonderful fabric packs.

This little angel is crazy quilted and has beautiful silver wings to fly into the heart of her recipient.

And this sweet purple doll has a different pattern on each side and is beautifully beaded all around with a beaded tassel ending with flower beads. These dolls will fit perfectly into a pocket to bring their new owners comfort anywhere,anytime.

Thank you so much Sherry. Your dolls are perfection,your boxes are such a nice addition,and your heart must run deep with love and generosity.


Anonymous said...

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Mamatigress said...

My name is Diane, I'm 45 and live in north west England and have been the victim of partner abuse in several forms over the years.

There is a very good support network and refuge in an adjacent town to where I live, and they were good enough to provide me with counselling free of charge only a couple of years ago, so it's still very fresh in my memory.

Nowadays, I am ill and disabled and house bound mostly, at the moment (but hoping for a little more ability in the near future) so have plenty of time.

I have always been involved in crafts, and have contributed on several occasions to two charity groups which provide quilts, blankets and cushions to both ill/disabled and/or elderly people (Stitches of Love and Kindness and Friends to Seniors respectively).

I am proficient at running Yahoo groups, and with many crafts, and my organisational skills are fairly good. I would, therefore, dearly love, and be honoured, to be the UK organiser/advertiser/co-ordinator for this project, unless you already have one, in which case, I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!

Please contact me at so that we can discuss my suggestion, as soon as possible, as I am very enthusiastic about this!

Well done for thinking of this project, and getting it off the ground. Many women would dearly love such a symbol of hope as this at such a turning point in their lives.

Regards....Diane x