Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three dolls flew in from The Netherlands....

I received these three dolls from Barbara of The Netherlands . Their names are, The Love Duck, Lovey Louise Redheart, and Pussy Meow. Your sweet dolls are adorable. I love the little pig tails on the girl,and the tiny mouse on the cats tail made me smile.Thank you for your generous donation to the Comfort Doll Project and also for sending your name :-)


Barbara said...

Ahem. Whoops. I seem to have forgotten to include a card with my dolls. There's The Love Duck, Lovey Louise Redheart, and Pussy Meow. All of whom are happy to be renamed by their new people, of course. ;) So sorry I forgot to include information, including my own name (Barbara). And thank you so much for setting this wonderful organization up!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful project! Wish I could sew! I had no dolls growing up..I think this is an awesome idea for women with fibromyalgia and cds too so isolating..I need a doll to talk to!
Inspiring blog! Thank You
Denise Nantasket Beach,Massachusetts