Monday, June 23, 2008

Special Comfort dolls shared by Sammy

Sammy made a sacrifice,which I know wasn't easy but her heart led her to it,and that is what it's all about. I know she was torn,but the decision she made to donate some of her beloved dolls others have given to her is a wonderful offering of love. I wanted to share this note from Sammy;
"I loved these dolls and each person who made them, but they will be better loved and
needed if they are not on my walls or in a basket.... That the love that was
sent to me through them now can be given and shared by the woman who have been
battered! "

I think that is a wonderful idea Sammy. Passing on these dolls to bring joy to another cannot be a bad thing. I know the makers of the dolls will agree and be happy their dolls are continuing to spread love,especially to a battered woman.

These beauties will be part of doz #24 and #25 mailed tomorrow to Ohio and New York.
Thank you,and thank you to the other makers of the dolls. (((((hugs))))

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