Monday, June 9, 2008

Letters from Shelters

Time to update the shelter letters we have received from Dz#19,20,21,and 22. The dolls you have sent really have brightened the lives of many women. We are approaching our one year anniversary soon. I am blown away that we have delivered 23 dozen dolls so far. July 31st will be one year. Awesome accomplishment ladies!!!!! (Group hug)

New Day Shelter who received the 19th dz sent us another card to be sure we were thanked.Daybreak of Alabama received the 20th dz and sent this:Women in Need recieved our 21st dz and this letter arrived:

Women in Need of Pennsylvania ,who received the 21st dz sent this:

New Hope for Women from Maine received the 22nd dz.Here is their letter:


GraceBeading said...

Thanks so much for sharing these Pat, I am amazed at the generosity of all with each dozen that is sent out. Most of all - thanks for organizing such a wonderful project of hope.

sammy said...

Pat, thanks for sharing these from the shelters, means a lot to all of us to read how your Comfort Project is reaching and loving to so many woman! 23 Dozen, how awesome! you have done such a amazing project...