Monday, February 16, 2009

15 Comfort Dolls arrive from Veleta of OR

Veleta (Sammy) of OR has donated 15 more of her creations and collected treasures for the Abused Women in shelters who would needs a heartfelt token of love and comfort. Sammy generously gathers dolls from her collection and donates them even though it is tough to pass on a treasured item from a friend, Sammy knows they will go to someone who truly needs them. This is quite a sweet and generous action Veleta, thank you so much for your gathering of love.

**Sammy is a phenominal beader among other artful ventures, and I wanted to share with you, this gorgeous beaded watch she had tucked in the bottom of the box for me.As my eyes took in the beauty of each doll I removed from the box and held, imagine my gasp when I discovered the watch.
Almost too much to absorb in one sitting. You know a few tears fell as I imagined a gal packing up some of her favorite things to donate and then to slip in a surprise for me as well.

I love sea themed anything, and this watch is unbelieveable. This is just another example of the giving heart of Sammy. I can't imagine the hours it took to create this. I do know it is a priceless treasure to me. Thank you for everything Sammy, your giving spirit certainly shines in everything you do.
Every donor is a treasure. Whether it is one doll or fifty, the time to gather supplies, create your dolls and pack them to ship off does not go unappreciated. I know the work involved in every step, and I know how busy life can get. I just want you all to know that not only are your generous gifts appreciated by their recipients, but by me as well. You are such a great group of women. Thank you.


Carol said...

Veleta IS an extraordinary beader and very generous. These dolls are such a prize and each woman that receives one will feel the healing love immediately.

Very thoughtful Veleta to include the watch. Its beautiful, as Pat is to support such a humbling cause.

Artastics said...

I am in awe of Veleta's beautiful dolls. Her beadwork is so detailed! Just so creative...and generous.

How very blessed a child will be to receive these dolls.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

I have featured your project on my round up blog Dolls: Crafting and Collecting.

I will send a couple of Wish Dolls which you can see on my blog

best wishes,
Robyn C.

Stepping off the edge said...

Thank you for doing this. This is wonderful. I will be sending you my offerings. I could not find your email.
Bright Blessings.

Carol said...

Hi ~ i am a member of Wild ArtDolls at Yahoo & I am soooo glad I stopped by your blog ~ I am definitely going to make a comfort doll ~ What a wonderful idea!

Also, wanted to invite you to stop by my blog when you get the chance would love to hear from you ~

Hugs and namaste,