Monday, February 9, 2009

40th Dozen Comfort dolls headed to Montana

The 40th dozen Comfort dolls will be shipped to Montana Coalition against Domestic Violence.

The donors for this shipment are:
Judith McCarthy of Australia
Maryanne Davidson of Colorado
Jan Bartlett of Nevada
Nancy Collins of Florida........thank you all so very much. Do you realize we are 10 away from reaching our 5oth state? Amazing. All I can say is Comfort Doll Donors have big hearts and you ROCK! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This shipment was sponsored by Jan Bartlett of Nevada. Thank you Jan!!!!!!

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Carol............. said...

How totally awesome!!! I say this with heart since my volunteer positions over the years have included, Crisis Line Counselor, Guardian Ad litem for abused and neglected children, and
working with a Domestic Violence Shelter Program! WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA...hat's off to all that have made this happen.