Tuesday, March 17, 2009

22 Comfort Dolls from Pamela Perry of KY

Pamela Perry of Kentucky sent 22 sweet pocket sized Comfort dolls last week. Each doll holds a Spring flower to greet her recipient. What a lovely and cheerful group. Thank you Pam :-) These are just lovely. I recently met Pamela through this project and learned of her website she created for her mother. Her story is heartbreaking. To know your mother doesn't recognize you, and is lost in her own world at times has got to be unbearable. I thank Pam for this site, she did not create it to ask for pity. It is to educate us about Alzheimer's. Among many things, I learned that the color chosen to represent this illness is purple. Imagine that! My favorite color. I took this as a message, a "heads up" if you will.
Pamela will be walking for the cause in September, and I hope to create a few purple items to donate and help raise money for research. I invite you to visit her site if you can.
Taking time to make 22 dolls for this project while having her hands full with family, shows the size of her heart.
I know each of you steal away precious time to create dolls for the women of the shelters, and I thank you all. Gestures small and large toward causes such as these are much needed. You never know when it will be our time to need a little hug.

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