Monday, March 9, 2009

Dolls arrived from Orinda Spence

Orinda Spence sent a variety of Comfort Dolls. Orinda included some additional dolls to be given to children. They will be tucked among the 41st shipment.
Thank you for the beautiful card Orinda. Love the colors. This will be framed..too pretty to use :-) Thanks for joining the Comfort Doll Project Orinda.


Salzanos said...

Gorgeous dolls!! I see the yellow and light blue colors here too. I have been predicting these colors as hot for the 2009 spring and summer. The ladies will love these awesome dolls!

Karma Veranda said...

This is a lovely idea! I worked at our local Transition House years back and still have contacts there. I'm also a doll artist and this sounds like something I could do for the shelter here. However I would like to include it in your group but it seems silly to send them to you if I could drop them off here. Is there a way I could do it under your project with your approval? I could send you pictures of dolls and contact information for the shelter or whatever else you need. Let me know what you're comfortable with.