Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The third box was from New Mexico

Kathy Vorenberg of New Mexico sent five Comfort Dolls. Each one was wrapped and tied in a bow. I took a chance and photographed them in their nice packages in hopes my flash wouldn't glare. It worked!!! I didn't have to disturb them. Kathy added Fimo faces to each one and beaded around them. She also followed the pattern in the fabrics with beautiful beaded detail. Incredible to see in person. I certainly had my eye full of beauty today. Thank you for the wonderful dolls Kathy. They certainly made me smile!

Mai-Liis,Marja,and Kathy, I thank you all for the delights I enjoyed today. This brings us to 7 dozen dolls. Adria and Pam pretty much took care of the 6th dozen :-). Thank you everyone.
I hope to get this new blog filled with pattern links and more pictures of all your dolls very soon. As soon as I find the new destinations for the 6th and 7th dozen dolls, I will post. Thanks again to all you creative and generous souls.

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laplandyellow said...

you are welcome!!! marja visser.