Monday, December 10, 2007

12th Dozen Comfort Dolls going to Texas!!!

I am sitting here smiling!!!!
I just spoke to Debbie from ,"The Bridge over Troubled Waters" in Pasadena Texas and she accepted the 12th dozen Comfort Dolls which will be mailed tomorrow. They will receive them before Christmas,YES!!!!

Sometimes it is hard to find homes for our dolls for one reason, most shelter's have over 100 occupants at a time and some shelter's do not want to give to one and not all. This is understandable,even though they are meant for the very souls whose faces have a blank look of hopelessness and their spirits have been broken. I do understand their concerns and I too would feel uncomfortable if I couldn't give to all who seek shelter from abuse. However, I am determined to find homes in every state for our dolls.

I thank those of you who have formed groups to join in this project and for those dear hearts who have donated this year,and to those contemplating a donation. I love reading your comments and especially love how you enjoy making these to give. You truly are special ladies and you make a difference in your actions. I appreciate you very much. Happy Hoildays .

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