Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sammy Stafney comfort doll donations

These cheerful little Comfort Dolls arrived from Sammy Stafney of Oregon. Sammy is a bead and fabric artist who states that her creations are,"Created with a Loving spirit". Yes Sammy, I would agree with that statement. The love and care you put into your Comfort dolls certainly shine through in each smile you give them,every detail ,bead, and stitch.

Each Comfort doll I have had the pleasure and honor to hold and view from all of you donors can't help but warm my heart, and I can imagine the difference these have made and will make in their recipients hands. Thank you again for spreading love to our "sister's" in despair.

Different sizes, shapes, and colors
yet, we have some of the same problems. Male problems, children problems, mood swings, mental and physical problems, you name them, we have them. We comfort each other, we get on each other’s nerves. Sistahs assisting Sistahs, who are like us? You give me your shoulder to cry on, I give you my helping hands. You give me advice and strength, I give you a listening ear. I give you my love and support, you give me your friendship.

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