Saturday, December 15, 2007

Comfort Dolls by Linda Themer of IN

Linda Themer of IN (Hi fellow Hoosier!) sent a box filled with six of these delightful winged Comfort Dolls with such sweet faces. They flew into my heart,and soon on to ladies who need to feel their powerful message of strength and hope for a bright future. Linda said for me to keep one, but I am torn,knowing what pleasure they will bring to a woman not as fortunate to be surrounded with such extraordinary women as you all are. I may keep one around for a while,to enjoy. Thank you very much, that was awfully generous of you to think of me. And for the record, it is you,the donors who are angels :-).

Linda offers original Fiber and Textile designs along with Mosaic jewelry on etsy. I love to shop Etsy for handmade gifts and cool supplies.

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KV said...

These dolls are indeed precious!

Kathy V in NM