Friday, December 7, 2007

Bunnies and bears and puppies...oh my!!!!

This box arrived and when I opened it I almost fell over. Pam's mother, Adria created 26 comfort "bundles" and a doll for the comfort Doll Project. I see where Pam gets her energy and creativity. My goodness. This takes us into the 14th dozen after the 12th and 13th have found homes. we come! Adria, I am speechless at the moment. This box was overwhelming to view. I cannot imagine the time you are spending on this project, and I am so grateful you view it as a worthy one. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

I wish you all could see the detail Adria adds to each "bundle". I call the bundles because Adria wraps each doll in a quilted blanket and adds a charm and flowers along with other embellishments and each one is different. Just amazing.

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