Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays to all

Happy Holidays to each of you . Enjoy your families and your festivities however you celebrate. Thank you for donating 12 dozen (plus 4)Comfort Dolls this year!!!!!!!!
You have shared your love with 148 women who needed a hug.
You Rock!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thank you from Mid-Valley of Salem OR

The Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Service from Salem Oregon were the recipients of the 11th dozen Comfort Dolls and here is their letter to thank you all. The staff member's even signed it.
Click on the letter for a larger view,and feel the warm fuzzies you have shared.

Comfort Doll from Bettsi McComb of CA

Bettsi McComb is a "tender hearted dollmaker" from CA. She has an etsy shop named,Tender Arts Studio, where her beautiful originals are offered when available.

Bettsi created a delicate embroidered doll with the tiniest perfect stitches and a simple word of encouragement embroidered on the back side which reads,"BLOSSOM". That is our wish for the women who receive our dolls. To find inspiration and strength in our message and blossom.

Thank you Bettsi for your Comfort Doll donation. She will be among the lucky 13th dozen as you had hoped. I know whomever receives her will be the lucky one.

Happy Holidays!

Teddy by Christina Crawford

This darling teddy comfort doll arrived from Tina Crawford of Colorado. Tina is a member of "Expression Studio", a group of mixed media artists that have joined in the Comfort Doll Project to spread smiles and warm hearts. Thank you again Expression Studio members.

Tina attached a message which I must share with you.The tag reads, "This little bear is a gift to remind you of just how precious you are. Survive,Strive,Thrive". Tina, I think you have summed up the message we hope to express with our Comfort Dolls. Thank you for your time,talent,and love. It is appreciated. Your teddy is so soft and sweet, I know someone will adore it. Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Comfort Dolls by Linda Themer of IN

Linda Themer of IN (Hi fellow Hoosier!) sent a box filled with six of these delightful winged Comfort Dolls with such sweet faces. They flew into my heart,and soon on to ladies who need to feel their powerful message of strength and hope for a bright future. Linda said for me to keep one, but I am torn,knowing what pleasure they will bring to a woman not as fortunate to be surrounded with such extraordinary women as you all are. I may keep one around for a while,to enjoy. Thank you very much, that was awfully generous of you to think of me. And for the record, it is you,the donors who are angels :-).

Linda offers original Fiber and Textile designs along with Mosaic jewelry on etsy. I love to shop Etsy for handmade gifts and cool supplies.

Comfort Doll from Darlene (Hugger) Wilkinson of VA

Darlene Wilinson who friends refer to as (Hugger), which sounds like a delightful nick name to me, sent this Comfort Doll. Darlene is part of an online group named"Expression Studio" where members got together and created Comfort Dolls and they are all arriving and keeping me delighted with each package I open. Again, I want to thank Expression Studio members for taking on this project.

Darlene has attached a statement of her Art and an inspiring message which I would like to share with you. "Dolls for me are expression...most of my work,no matter what medium is an expression of hope and happiness,also a discovery for the person who gets a doll to go deeper and find meaning for themselves. My hope is that the journey with the doll brings to you whatever you might need.

Darlene, your "Art" is beautiful and unique. I hope you all can see the detail in this doll. Her chest has a message for her recipient which is covered with mesh and beaded around the rim. The words,"Believe,and Laugh" are contained inside. A metal tag which reads,"Live out Loud", is certainly good advice for all. Her face is Fimo with a peaceful expression,which the recipient will certainly feel when she accepts this Comfort Doll. Thank you Darlene for donating to the Comfort Doll Project.

Comfort Doll from Miss Donval

I am so sorry Ms Donval, I cannot read French and am not sure what your first name is. How embarrassing. I want to add your name so if you could email it,( I would greatly appreciate it. The French language is written so beautifully, but I just cannot seem to make out the letter's. I apologize.
I would also like to link to your website or blog if you wish to share.

Your beautiful doll arrived smiling and instantly making me smile. Such beautiful colors. I love mermaids and know her recipient will adore her. Her face is very sweet,great job. Thank you for being a part of the Comfort Doll project.

Sammy Stafney comfort doll donations

These cheerful little Comfort Dolls arrived from Sammy Stafney of Oregon. Sammy is a bead and fabric artist who states that her creations are,"Created with a Loving spirit". Yes Sammy, I would agree with that statement. The love and care you put into your Comfort dolls certainly shine through in each smile you give them,every detail ,bead, and stitch.

Each Comfort doll I have had the pleasure and honor to hold and view from all of you donors can't help but warm my heart, and I can imagine the difference these have made and will make in their recipients hands. Thank you again for spreading love to our "sister's" in despair.

Different sizes, shapes, and colors
yet, we have some of the same problems. Male problems, children problems, mood swings, mental and physical problems, you name them, we have them. We comfort each other, we get on each other’s nerves. Sistahs assisting Sistahs, who are like us? You give me your shoulder to cry on, I give you my helping hands. You give me advice and strength, I give you a listening ear. I give you my love and support, you give me your friendship.

Monday, December 10, 2007

12th Dozen Comfort Dolls going to Texas!!!

I am sitting here smiling!!!!
I just spoke to Debbie from ,"The Bridge over Troubled Waters" in Pasadena Texas and she accepted the 12th dozen Comfort Dolls which will be mailed tomorrow. They will receive them before Christmas,YES!!!!

Sometimes it is hard to find homes for our dolls for one reason, most shelter's have over 100 occupants at a time and some shelter's do not want to give to one and not all. This is understandable,even though they are meant for the very souls whose faces have a blank look of hopelessness and their spirits have been broken. I do understand their concerns and I too would feel uncomfortable if I couldn't give to all who seek shelter from abuse. However, I am determined to find homes in every state for our dolls.

I thank those of you who have formed groups to join in this project and for those dear hearts who have donated this year,and to those contemplating a donation. I love reading your comments and especially love how you enjoy making these to give. You truly are special ladies and you make a difference in your actions. I appreciate you very much. Happy Hoildays .

Comfort Dolls from Gail Pierce

In the mail today were four Comfort Dolls created by Gail Pierce of California. Gail is a member of an online group named ExpressionStudio ,and several of them got together and created dolls for the Comfort Doll Project where we send to shelters around the country for battered women in transition to warm their hearts and let them know she is being thought of with these tokens of love and compassion.
As you can see, they are works of fiber ART. Gail used a woven technique for two of her dolls in cheerful fibers, and hand painted and embellished her fabric for the two thinner ones. Very cool designs which I had never seen. These will be a delight when received. Gail was concerned over the size of the woven dolls however, the head and feet fold nicely and will fit within the 6" requirement.....but, you know rules and I do not mix well, so either way, they would be accepted, passed on, and loved.
Thank you so much Gail for your lovely and thoughtful creations for the Comfort Doll Project. I am thrilled your group wanted to join in. Thank you for the lovely fabric too, you know that will be used!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Comfort Dolls from Linda Boudreau

Linda Boudreau from Canada sent two more of her adorable kitties and a beaded doll for the Comfort Doll Project. Linda embellishes her kitties with silk ribbon embroidered flowers and adds cute thin whiskers and beads for eyes then dresses them with a bow for their new owners. Such a cute pattern Linda. The doll has beautiful metallic beading and a hand painted fimo face which she also embellished with beading. Than you so much Linda for your wonderful contributions to our project.

Linda has interesting posts on her blog about the pleasure she gets in making Comfort Dolls. Reading posts from donors really warms my heart and certainly puts a happy tear in my eye.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Bunnies and bears and puppies...oh my!!!!

This box arrived and when I opened it I almost fell over. Pam's mother, Adria created 26 comfort "bundles" and a doll for the comfort Doll Project. I see where Pam gets her energy and creativity. My goodness. This takes us into the 14th dozen after the 12th and 13th have found homes. we come! Adria, I am speechless at the moment. This box was overwhelming to view. I cannot imagine the time you are spending on this project, and I am so grateful you view it as a worthy one. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

I wish you all could see the detail Adria adds to each "bundle". I call the bundles because Adria wraps each doll in a quilted blanket and adds a charm and flowers along with other embellishments and each one is different. Just amazing.

Crazy patch cat and door hangers from Pam

Pam Kellogg has struck again! She has sent two delightful door hangers and one of her gorgeous crazy quilted cats for Comfort Doll recipients to enjoy. Thank you for your continued support Pam. You are a wild woman who must stitch while sleeping. Hugs to you.

Comfort Doll from Velda of Canada

This sweet and cheerful Comfort Doll flew in from Canada. She was created by Velda Stanley.Velda used a purple velvet fabric which she embellished with various fibers,ribbon flowers, purple curly hair,beads and charms. She embroidered a very sweet face to her doll which will be of comfort to her new owner. Thank you for donating a comfort doll to the project. It is greatly appreciated.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Looking for Eliane,Fanchon Mandras,Linda Barraclough,Christine of France

Calling for help please!!!!!

If anyone knows Linda Barraclough of Vic AU,Elian from France,Fanchon Mandras of France, and Christine of France, please have them email me Or if you have their addresses,please send them to me. I misplaced the envelopes and need to send them their charm please. Thank you so much.