Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Organized Comfort Doll project binder.Thank you giftie

This morning I was feeling a bit under the weather so I made a cup of cocoa and gathered my comfort doll papers,cards from you all, photos,letters from shelters, and a new binder. I spent the last 5 hours organizing it into something that makes sense and is a handy reference. As I was taping the photographs of your dolls to each donors page,I felt such strength . I know these dolls can't help but be a support,a secret message of hope to their owners. Thank you all so much for your past and continued support in this project. I still get letters from people just finding out and wanting to join in. Yes, it remains open,so spread the word. All are welcome to participate.

We have sent 8 dozen to US states, and Jo is about to sent the 9th dozen to a shelter in NZ, and I have 10 dolls ready for the 10th dozen. I will be adding the last 2. These will be going to Bethany House in Somerset Kentucky.

I must say, I feel much better now after reviewing the kind letters you sent me and just thinking of the hours and thoughts that each of you freely gave to this project.....all from your hearts and hands.

Speaking of hearts and hands, I wanted to send a little thank you to each of you. A token of my appreciation if you will. I found exactly what I was looking for last week.It is small, but the meaning is big. Since our "logo" is a heart in hand, I bought everyone a beautiful silver tone charm of a hand holding a heart which I will be sending out very soon. These pretty charms are bigger than I thought,and will be perfect to wear. They have the word "Love" on the heart . Exactly what you put into making your dolls.I want you to wear it around your neck, or on a key chain to remind you of the wonderful project you made happen. Thank you everyone for every doll made and given to a special woman. Hugs all around.


Grace said...

Pat, this is so sweet. You have already done so much. This is a further testament to your generous spirit. Thank you a million times over for all you do!

KV said...

I nearly feel it is all of us who should be thanking YOU for allowing us to share in so important a project. Your deep sense of caring certainly is a great motivation for us to do more.

Kathy V in NM

Pam Kellogg said...

Pat, how sweet of you! But not at all necessary. Speaking for myself, I love this project. I love making dolls for the sake of cheering someone up. I just read Angela's story and now I feel so driven to get some more stitched and ready to send to you.

As for these charms, they are so cute and if you don't mind, I'm going to sew mine onto one of my future purses. You know I love to make my own fancy handbags!

Thank you Pat! You are so sweet and generous and I thank you for the opportunity to share my stitching and sewing abilities with someone in need.

Love and Hugs,


Pat Winter said...

Ladies, trust me, it is all of you who made this project possible and keep it alive. It has spread so quickly, like a smile across the states and into other countries.

The women who grab hold of the idea and create are blessed and want to bless other's with a smile in form of their Comfort Dolls. It is quite amazing to see such love out there and such compassion among women.