Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Creative" Comfort Doll donation project

Grace Jewell Fisher-Gilmore of Stockton California emailed this letter telling of her Comfort Doll participation. How wonderful!!! Thank you Grace. It is much appreciated.

Dear Pat

Thank you for you return email. I'll make sure we keep the dolls within the 6" height. Last year myself, my son, daughter, grandchildren and other friends and family embroidered sayings on fabric which I then bound and backed with a fabric or ornaments with big raffia bows. We used to ornaments (around 50) to decorate a tree for an event in the next town for their Festival of Trees to raise money for the museum and classes for the public. It was featured on the local news. Everyone had a wonderful time making the ornaments and were very excited to go see 'their' ornaments on the tree. There were approx. 80 plus trees. This year I am planning on using the comfort dolls to decorate one of the two trees we're doing. I'm going to title it "The Comfort Tree" and have a scroll that explains the dolls. I'm hoping the tree will generate more interest in people making them. After Christmas the trees come down and that's when I'll be mailing them to you so the love with which they were made can be shared. I love getting others involved in projects like this. It not only brings our their creativity but gives them an opportunity to give service to others. And we have learned through experience that giving service not only helps the recipient but gives the one giving the service feelings of love and compassion and a renewed sense of what life should be like. Thank you for providing this opportunity for us to give service. I will check the site you listed for pattern ideas. And your work is not only beautiful but a blessings for others to see and have.

Thank you again,

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