Sunday, October 21, 2007

Two Comfort Dolls from Linda Boudreau

If you could see me now, you would notice my head has swollen a bit, well, a lot! I received such a sweet and very touching letter from Linda Boudreau along with her two adorable Comfort Doll cats.

Aren't they so cute? In person you just want to cuddle them like a real kitten. Linda used fine threads to add delicate whiskers and added silk ribbon embroidered flowers to both. Thank you so much Linda. Your donation to the Comfort Doll Project is much appreciated.

I don't want to embarrass Linda, but if there ever was an angel on earth, she is one I'm sure. Linda finds out if there are any little girls in her local shelter on Christmas Eve, she then chooses a doll from which she has collected throughout the year and slips it under the tree. She makes sure every little girl gets a doll for Christmas.I'm sorry, but that is just so sweet. That is just one thing she does,and she prefers to remain anonymous,a silent giver . Linda ,you are an angel,and you know the joy of giving. Thank you for what you do.


loulee1 said...

I agree, a beautiful person. What a wonderful thing to do.

Jo in NZ said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. They would be great for kids. Thats a whole other project!!