Friday, October 26, 2007

Browsing a bit and found a lovely thought..

I was browsing blogs a bit while waiting for a phone call and read this lovely message from Linda Baudreau. I love how she is getting so much from creating these dolls. She explains how she made a doll and offers a gentle plea for new Comfort Doll donors. She is so right when she suggests us to "Pay it forward". So many of us are blessed in many ways and we live such fast paced lives that we tend to forget how blessed we are. Slowing down a bit to create some small object that could mean so very much to another woman is not asking much if you think about it.
If you find a break in your day, perhaps you will design a doll in your head like Linda has done, and create it when you need uplifted yourself. It is amazing how wonderful you feel when you create for others from your heart and hands. I think you all know that. Thank you to all who contribute and to all who are considering a doll in the future. They are always welcome. We are about to find a home for the 10th dozen! Awesome!

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arabellacucumber said...

I love this idea and would love to make a contribution to your project. The dolls you've created/collected are so gorgeous! I wish you all the very best with such a beautiful idea!