Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comfort spreads .........from Elizabeth's heart to Mo

Elizabeth Woodford has found inspiration in the Comfort Doll Project and is spreading comfort through her dear friend touched by breast cancer. She has made a box full of dolls as you can see in the photo, using pink fabrics (for breast cancer awareness) and added embellishments which she will send to her friend to add her love to by embellishing each doll before passing them on to women in chemotherapy.

This is so awesome and brought tears to my eyes. You must read the whole story here. Elizabeth, I agree ,(quote from Elizabeth)"The more people that we can inspire to think beyond themselves, the better the whole world will be!!!
What a friend!

It is so great to see many of you who have learned of this project to adapt it to inspire your comfort project. There are so many who could use a comfort doll, a symbol, to know someone cares. It doesn't matter what cause it is for.Each doll you make is spilling with love. You can feel it when you lay your eyes upon each one. Every stitch you make,you are sharing of yourself. Keep on keeping on, there are many who could use a hug.

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