Sunday, November 4, 2007

10th dozen to Bethany House in Somerset,Kentucky

I was waiting to finish embellishing dolls to include in the 10th dozen but I have decided since we are already there,to go ahead and send them off. This will give me time to make several for the future donations.
Here we have the 10th dozen Comfort Dolls. The 9th dozen was collected and distributed in New Zealand with the help of Jo Newsham. Thanks again Jo!!!!!
The donors of these dolls are:
Fanchon Mandras (France)
Pam Kellogg (Illinois USA) 2
Freda Butler (Illinois USA) 2
Linda Baudreau (Canada) 2
Eliane (France)
Sylvie Leandre (France)
Linda Barraclough (Vic Australia)
Mesuline (England)
Carol Anne Conway (England)

These will be mailed tomorrow to Bethany House Abuse Shelter in Somerset,KY.
Thank you all for the continued support,comments, and donations to the Comfort Doll Project. You are responsible for many smiles.

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