Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Comfort doll news update!!!!

I wanted to catch all of you up on what's been happening in the Comfort Doll Project world......

Jo has received more beautiful dolls for the Comfort Doll project in NZ. You must take a peek.

Last night I updated the Comfort Doll page on my website. Please email me with any corrections.

I mailed out the "charm to thank you" yesterday but still need these addresses which can be emailed to me at I have bits of some of the address,but want to make sure they arrive to you.
1.Eliane of France
2.Fanchon Mandras of France
3.Sammy Stafney or Oregon
4. Linda Barraclough...I think I am missing some of your address.

I could only find 50 of these charms, so I thought it was a great way to acknowledge the first 50 donors. Imagine that, 50 donors, and many have contributed several dolls. Mind blowing!!!!!

I also have received many emails apologizing for not contributing more often. I want each of you to know that it is wonderful to receive just one from you,and if you do want to contribute more,please know there is no deadline. If you feel the creative doll muse,then go for it but please never feel pushed to send dolls. I collect them as they come and off they go when I reach 12. No hurry,no worry. Ok? I appreciate, and know the recipients appreciate the thought behind your efforts. Thank you all so much.

If you don't see your name on the sidebar of this blog, please let me know. It is an oversight and I want everyone listed,with or without a blog. Also, if you have a website or blog that isn't shown, please email it to me. I love to advertise when I can . This helps so many who may not stumble across your site. It just helps our creative blogging community grow!

Have a creative and sunny day!!!!


KV said...

Hi, Pat -- your lovely charm arrived this afternoon. I will always treasure it.

As soon as all the gift-making is done here, you can bet there will be more comfort dolls coming your way.

Kathy V in NM

coral-seas said...

Hi Pat. Just to let you know that I received my charm. Thank you so much. Haven't decided what to do with it yet.