Friday, November 30, 2007

11th dozen Comfort Dolls going to Mid-Valley Women's Crisis in OR

I am happy to announce that our 11th dozen Comfort Dolls will be received by the Mid-Valley Women's Crisis center in Salem Oregon. These will be mailed tomorrow. I am happy to be able to find them a home during the Holidays when things can seem really hopeless for those going through transition. Hopefully these inspiring "hugs" will warm their hearts and encourage them that the new yea can be much brighter for them. This group was created by Ati Ham Sas of Norway,Christine of France(2),Freda of Illinois,Pat Winter of Indiana,and Terri Takacs(7) of Connecticut.I want to thank all of the donors again for your contributions.


~Velda said...

what a beautiful set :)

Grace said...

Wow Pat... this is amazing, it is heartwarming to see such a wonderful response and so many dolls winging their way around the world in order to comfort. Thanks again for all you do!

Pat Winter said...

Thank you ladies. I have enjoyed seeing each doll in person and feel such love and caring that it is healing for me to know there are so many of you out there with a passion to comfort other's. I am hoping to get a dozen delivered before the new year. Then start fresh next year.