Sunday, November 25, 2007

Comfort Dolls from Christine of France

Christine from France created these two truly unique Comfort Dolls. Her son named the blue one,"Polynesian doll", and the other,"Japanese doll", which I think he is right on! The Polynesian doll has unbelievable beading that resembles dripping lace and she has full,flowing hair bejeweled with gold and purple beads. The Japanese doll has an adorable outfit which is tucked in back and her hair is so cute. You did an amazing job Christine. Click on the pictures to see larger image. They are very delicate and detailed. Thank you so much for your Comfort Doll contribution.

Christine's beautiful cross stitched greeting card will be framed. What a sweet picture of mother swan with babies swimming in a pond with iris and cat tails. The card around the insert has a dragonfly too!!!! I love it. Thank you.

Christine: if you read this, could you send me your last name and a blog or web site if you have one? Thanks.


Karen said...

More beautiful comfort dolls! I bet you love seeing all these in person!

Nathalie L. pour Histoires de boites à couture said...

J'ai transmis votre article à Christine. Merci Christine, merci Pat.

Pat Winter said...

Thank you Nathalie!!

Christine said...

Hi! I'm Christine of France and my last name is Nocida-Porta and I have a blog : And I'm happy that you receive the dolls!